Wednesday 7 May 2014

Rabbinic Strawman and Distortions of Christology

There is an image that I have seen which I desire to address and refute.
Let's deal with the first subject.

First of all, Jesus scriptually is NOT a demi-god, He is fully God AND fully Man. A demi god is what something like Heracles or Hercules would be, which is not even comparable to Biblical Christianity.

The one who posted this which I found on Facebook has not done a serious study of Trintarianism and is reading bad material on it. Jesus is subservient to the Father in terms of his position and status, NOT his essence and nature. Furthermore Philippians 2:5-11 tells us that he took the form of a slave and that he is in nature God. There is subordination within the Trinitarian position, but not in a Jehovah's Witness sense of subordination.

Jesus existed eternally according to John 1:1 and Philippians 2:5-11 WITH the Father in heaven in eternal communion. He always existed and took on a human nature and became the God-Man, fully human and fully divine and while he was on earth he laid aside his divine perogatives and NOT his deity.*

The abuse of Deuteronomy 4:15-20, Numbers 23:19 and Hosea 11:9 are already addressed here in these articles:

Also Deuteronomy 4:2 is not referring to new revelation consistent with the TANAKH being revealed, it is referring to not adding to the law that was given on Mt Sinai and thus is not a refutation of Colossians 1:15.

Another argument that was raised which I think is very silly to be blunt.

One of the arguments raised was one cannot be a human being if he has only one set of DNA, namely from his mother. This is just ridiculous in terms of an objection. I am not disputing what is said about DNA, but the objection presupposes that God cannot give Jesus the necessary chromosomes to be a man. This objection is anti-supernaturalist.

If God can form a man in a barren woman, or cause a virgin to conceive, God can easily create the necessary components for one to be a human being. Jesus would have two sets of DNA and the necessary chromosomes needed to be a human because of his Father's intervention. If God can make someone blind, deaf or mute, he can reverse it and I am pretty sure he is capable of creating a full human being. This would be the equivalent of reading the New Testament under a anti-supernaturalist bias, which would refute the TANAKH tenfold if a person using this argument is going to be consistent.

Hope this article helps.

Answering Judaism.
17th September 2017. Just discovered today the original image has disappeared.

10th of February 2020. See the following information on John 1:1: It is very important regarding the Jehovah's Witnesses arguments regarding John 1:1.

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