Sunday 18 May 2014

False accusations of Lashon Hara

I have received some back lash from individuals for going after some Messianic teachers, some of which includes Michael L. Brown, Itzhak Shapira and Sid Roth. These aren't the only fellows who I have written against but they are ones I have mentioned them publicly.

Do I go after them because they are Messianic Jews? The answer is a no.

Some of these teachers as I have mentioned, specifically Brown and Roth give credence to those from the Kansas City Prophets, men who have been exposed as false prophets and of course most are aware of Brown's appearance on the Benny Hinn show. Even Roth gives credence to reprobate thugs like Todd Bentley.

Shapira I have gone after because of his propagation of the Modalist heresy, which thanks to Eduard Dalcour and Sam Shamoun's input on the matter indirectly, I am aware that Shapira holds to synonymous Modalism much like T.D Jakes and Roger Perkins and not to successive. Shapira doesn't point these differences to his audience in his videos on the Trinity.

There are anti-Trinitarians heretics in the Messianic movement who I would repudiate also, no matter what form their denial of the Trinity takes.
There are also individuals such as Michael Rood and sorceress Sherri Shriner who tell Gentiles that they are to observe the feasts of YHWH right now, which biblically no Christian is required to do at this time and will only happen once the Millennial Reign begins. For now, what Christians eat or observe in the Torah is a matter of conscience.

Shriner even goes as far as attacking the apostle Paul, which so many so called Christians have come to do. What person who claims to believe in Jesus would attack one of his trusted servants?

Though I consider Jacob Prasch and Arnold Fruchtenbaum brothers in the Lord, there are things they have said about Rabbinic Judaism, namely the idea Isaiah 53 being about Israel was invented by Rashi (which isn't the case and I assume they hold this view but I need to recheck) and that the Zohar has the Trinity mentioned which I would disagree with them on. The latter if the Lord Wills I may do a quick video on.

I am also aware that certain Messianics don't like to call themselves Christians, which thinking about it carefully is something they shouldn't be ashamed of being called in light of Peters words in 1 Peter 4:16.

There are others who like to claim that the name Jesus is somehow a pagan lure, which is a lie. Call him Yeshua or Jesus, it doesn't matter, makes no difference. Just don't force this on Gentiles

Because of my ministry to Jews, I need to be careful that I know a particular subject before speaking on it and need to be accurate in what I say, thus if one does make an error I am aware of, then it needs addressing.

To those who have accused me of lashon hara or have said I have gone too far, how about actually listening to what I say and checking it out for yourself.

I don't hate Messianic Jews and there are Messianics like Prasch who I consider brothers. There are good strings and bad strings in the Messianic Movement and I have seen to many sweep Messianic Jews with a broad brush, with certain individuals labelling the movement as a whole as an abomination.

I say, stick with the good Messianic and repudiate the bad.

Hope this clears up a few issues.

Answering Judaism.

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