Wednesday 21 May 2014

Arrogant dismissal of unbelieving testimony, is it right?

James White highlighted an interesting point back in 2008 that there are many Christians who believe that unbelievers are incapable of telling the truth. This subject he had spoken about in light of the fact that many continually defend Ergun Caner and refuse to acknowledge that Mohammad Khan, a Muslim, had exposed Caner and pointed out many lies on the part of Caner and his misrepresentation of Islam and what it teaches, as well as his puffing up of his own testimony etc.

The video can be found here:

The point is, just because an unbeliever doesn't have the truth, it doesn't mean they cannot tell the truth.

I have come across people who dismiss HBO's expose on Reinhardt Bonnke simply because of their intent to discredit the Gospel because of their refutation of Bonnke's claims.

While the motivation of HBO may be malicious, that doesn't change the fact that Bonnke has a tendency to embellish his stories and claim that people are being risen from the dead today.

Why should HBO be automatically dismissed in their testimony about Bonnke because of their intention to discredit the Gospel? The Gospel stands regardless of Reinhardt Bonnke's claims being confirmed or refuted.

There are Rabbinic Jews and Muslims who say and believe true things and looking at Rabbinic Judaism, it is amazing how much truth is found in there, mixed with errors and lies.

I have read Yisroel Blumenthal's own material and it astonishes me how much of his writings I can agree with. Do I automatically dismiss his words simply because he is not a Christian? No. I am to test them to see if they stand up to Biblical Truth.

Those who have read some of my material would be aware that there are conclusions made by Rabbinic Jews that I deem to be solid and lay rooted in biblical parameters but NOT every conclusion.

Furthermore, if Yisroel Blumenthal, Eli Cohen or whoever in the Rabbinic camps points out that someone like Yitzhak Shapira or any other person is misrepresenting and abusing a particular source, does that mean we should dismiss their points? No, examine the points.

While my knowledge of Rabbinic sources is relatively small, there is enough in my knowledge to know that Rabbinic Judaism would reject a divine Messiah and its not just because of Yisroel Blumenthal only, although his resource the School of Matthew is helpful (Of course I would disagree with the opening prologue that the New Testament should be dropped.).

There was a time I misread Moses Maimonides and said he identified Isaiah 53:4 as Messianic, which I corrected myself on in a video and if you read the Epistle to Yemen, he doesn't identify it as Messianic.

If one is going to learn about Judaism or any other religion, go to the actual sources or to people who take great care in examining the sources.

I do not want to be wrong in any detail I present about Judaism and will be happy to correct misinformation on this website.

The point is, don't assume a person who is an unbeliever is automatically wrong in what they say, check them out.

Take my point or leave it.

Answering Judaism.

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