Wednesday 16 July 2014

Three Person One Person: False dilemma of the Unitarians

"Was Jesus a Trinitarian? If not, why are you? If so, are you actually claiming that his one and only God was a three person being?"

This is a common objection that is often raised by Unitarians such as droptozro, TheTrinityDelusion and Burhanuddin1.

The question here poses a false dilemma to the Christian. If they can prove Jesus worshipped the Father alone (Which Trinitarians accept anyway), then that automatically means that we are all to drop the Trinity and become Unitarians. Such an objection is folly.

In what sense Jesus would be not a Trinitarian and in what sense was his God would not be three persons? If one means in the sense he doesn't worship One God in Three Persons, then that is understandable. It is not the claim of Trinitarians that Jesus worshipped One God in Three Persons, it is our claim that Jesus is the second person of the Trinity who took on human nature as found in Philippians 2:5-11 and humbled himself and thus because he took on human flesh, he relates to the Father as his God. In light of this, Christians have no choice to acknowledge Christ as a member of the Trinity and acknowledge there is One God in Three Persons, with Jesus being the Second Person of the Trinity.

If Jesus was a Trinitarian, he would acknowledge it in the sense that he recognises that he is a member of the Trinity and that he is YHWH God, though he is not the Father in heaven.

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Hope I have answered the objection

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