Friday 4 July 2014

Eranoites strike again: A response to Angel Lawin 2

Here is a response to an addendum to one of Angel Lawin's posts.

"Now if you insist that God's condition in 2 samuel 7:14 does not apply to jesus, read this:

Since jesus was a son of david and you admit that God's word in 2 samuel 7 applies to jesus then it follows that jesus was under the condition set by God in 2 samuel 7:14.
Now how do we know that God's condition in 2 samuel 7:14 applies even to jesus, since he is a son of david?"

Problem, JESUS DOESN'T SIN IN THE CONTEXT, ERGO, HE DOESN'T FALL UNDER THE CONDEMNATION OF THE PASSAGE. That is the ONE thing Lawin cannot get into his head. That's why he isn't condemned.

"Here's crushing your head with God's word in:

Let us read in:
“If his sons forsake my law
and do not follow my statutes,
31 if they violate my decrees
and fail to keep my commands,
32 I will punish their sin with the rod,
Psalm 89:30-32 NIV

bobo, it is s very clear as based on God's words in psalm 89:30-32 that God set his decree in 2 samuel 7:12-14 upon not just solomon but to the next son of david who will be chosen to be given the title son of God. Therefore whether you accept it or not, jesus -since he is the next son of david chosen after king solomon is also under God's condition of being flogged by men once he commits wrong. This is now why in Psalm 89:38 onwards we can read how God was angry at the anointed one because God was referring to jesus when he committed wrong and thus punished him with the rod and floggings of men. Read in:

38 But you have rejected, you have spurned,
you have been very angry with your anointed one.
39 You have renounced the covenant with your servant
and have defiled his crown in the dust.
40 You have broken through all his walls
and reduced his strongholds to ruins.
41 All who pass by have plundered him;
he has become the scorn of his neighbors.
42 You have exalted the right hand of his foes;
you have made all his enemies rejoice.
43 Indeed, you have turned back the edge of his sword
and have not supported him in battle.
44 You have put an end to his splendor
and cast his throne to the ground.
45 You have cut short the days of his youth;
you have covered him with a mantle of shame.
Psalm 89:38-45 NIV

This ends Bobo benett's deception. It is very clear now as based on God's word that jesus was punished by God with the beatings of men for his own sins of violating God's laws and it is now clear that the apostles and bobo 577 aka jake benett of answeringjudaism are truly the ones who deceived humanity about God and Jesus."

Again, Jesus being flogged has no connection to the anointed one's punishment in Psalm 89 or 2 Samuel 7:14. The very NT that Lawin quotes establishes that Jesus was sinless and his death at the hands of the Jews still has no connection 2 Samuel 7:14 despite the protests of Lawin.

I'll say this ONCE MORE. Jesus dying on the cross has no connection to him being punished by God for wrong doing, nor does his flogging at the hands of the people prove that he is punished by God either. hence, he is not punished in the context of 2 Samuel 7:14.

Read my response to Erano on Isaiah 53 about the innocence of Jesus:

WHERE DID JESUS VIOLATE THE LAW OF GOD? Besides I have already refuted Erano on points he has raised regarding that and I WANT NO EXCUSES saying "Oh you are not a prophet like Moses therefore I can reject you". I NEVER CLAIMED TO BE THE PROPHET LIKE MOSES, BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE YOUR PROPHET THAT SAID PROPHET.

Again, the onus of proof is on YOU and your friends to prove Erano is said prophet.

Address my points, or don't waste my time.

Answering Judaism.

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