Saturday 26 July 2014

Resolutions of Contradictions

"In the Old Testament the New is concealed, in the New the Old is revealed"

The famous words uttered by the church father Augustine.

One of my endeavours when ever I am writing an article is when responding to Rabbinic objections is reconciliation of the TANAKH and the NT documents and resolve any supposed contradictions that are found in the scriptures.

Some of the many arguments would include the subject of blood atonement, the understanding of typologies in the NT (which is not circular reasoning), the repudiation of idolatrous practises which both Testaments condemn, especially since the traditions that claim to be biblical Christianity endorse such evil.
See the following on these issues:

See my article response to Walid Shoebat on the issue of icons for worship (Not icons as decoration):

Keith Thompson of Reformed Apologetics Ministries, along with interviews with Richard Bennett and Robert Zins, have exposed Roman Catholicism as the fraudulent church it is, namely it's mariolatry, idolatry, works salvation, transubstantiation, necromancy, and it's denial of justification by faith alone in Christ alone, in a documentary which can be found here:

I seek to resolve in my papers the problems that Rabbinic Jews raise to the best of my ability.

Both the TANAKH and the NT are a sandwich and fit together. No other set of books are needed, neither the traditions of the RCs and EOs, the Quran, the Talmud, the Book of Mormon or any other book is required. We have what we need in the TANAKH and the NT.

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  1. Both the TANAKH and the NT are a sandwich and fit together

    AJ, as a Jew I appreciate many of your positions wrt Judaism, Israel, etc. However, the statement above flies in the face of reality. While there is some overlap of what is taught in the Tanach and the Greek scriptures, there is no way that they fit together to make a sandwich (to use your metaphor). You cannot gloss over the major divergence in thought between the Tanach (Judaism) and the NT(Christianity) there will never be a reconciliation on such concepts as the nature of the deity, the attitude towards other belief systems, the messianic age, atonement, satan, the afterlife, to name just a few.

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    3. If I didn't believe the two testaments could be reconciled, there would not be a reason to set this blog up.

  2. Your beliefs do not constitute proof. Just to take one example,due to rather divergent views among Trinitarian
    Christians, it is difficult to obtain a coherent and uniform explanation of the
    Trinity. At one end of the spectrum is the description of the three components as
    being three separate "persons". At the other end of the spectrum is the
    admission that the Trinity eludes explanations and is a mystery. In between
    these two extremes rests the description that the Trinity is a "compound unity" –
    a single entity that has three different personalities or manifestations. The
    common thread in this spectrum is that all Trinitarians hold the Trinity to be
    consistent with monotheism, yet, according to the New Testament, each of the
    three entities that comprise the Trinity has different knowledge, different powers,
    and different wills, which is a common characteristic of polytheistic religions.

    On the other hand, the God of the Hebrew Bible is an indivisible unity. The Shema uses the word echad (one) as an adjective describing the Eternal as ONE- not as a compound unity.

    The concept of
    God as an indivisible unity can also be understood from the following passage:
    Isaiah 44:6 – So said the Lord, the King of Israel and his Redeemer the Lord of Hosts,
    "I am first and I am last, and beside Me there is no God.”
    The declaration by God, "I am the first", indicates that He has no father. When He
    said, "I am the last", it means that He has no begotten son. Finally, when God
    proclaimed, "beside me there is no God", it shows that He does not share His role
    with any other god or entity – He has no "partners".

    Your belief in a triune deity can never be reconciled with the true monotheism which is at the core of Jewish belief. Thousands of Jews were murdered over the
    centuries because they refused to accept the trinity and forced conversions by Christians who held that very belief to which you subscribe.