Tuesday 16 August 2016

Arrogant dismissal of unbelieving testimony, is it right?: Science

This next issue ties into the previous articles on this subject and I would suggest reading the following papers before proceeding with reading this one:

There is a recent trend, though how recent I am not sure, that NASA is lying to people about the earth being round. Instead, many are claiming that the earth is actually flat and that there are verses that prove that and should not be interpreted poetically. Some even go as far as saying that if you proclaim that the Earth is round, you are going to rot in hell.

I won't be going into detail regarding the verses in question, but I will say this. If you are going to condemn someone who doesn't believe the earth is flat, kindly take it elsewhere, because I am not interested. Just because NASA and other organizations are run by non Christians, that doesn't mean they cannot tell the truth. Non Christians can tell the truth just as Christians can. A round earth is not incompatible with a biblical world view. Not everything in science stems from an unbiblical view. Explain why NASA is wrong and actually provide some solid evidence.

Some Christians have gone as far as to rejecting the vaccination of their children. 

I can understand there are risks with respect to the vaccination, but vaccinations are NOT devilish tools that should be expunged. 

Why are so many people against vaccination? It's designed to help your body by putting dead or inactive strains into your body to encourage white blood cells to attack and it better helps you. There is no satanic conspiracy behind them. Having a vaccination that could potentially protect you from something LIFE THREATENING is not evil.

You cannot assume there is a conspiracy when there is none. Again, being a non Christian doesn't mean a person cannot tell the truth. There are people who claim to be Christians yet lie through their teeth though they shouldn't.

Can Non Christians lie? Yes, every person can lie, it doesn't mean it is acceptable but everyone in a moment of  weakness may succumb to it or it is their modus operandi, Who knows.

Not every single unbeliever is trying to obfuscate the facts, there are some that try to establish what they are saying with reliable facts.

Science unlike Witchcraft, can be used for either good or evil and in and of itself isn't necessarily bad. Using a computer (Provided it doesn't enslave you) isn't evil and it's science that allows the internet to exist. Science is one of the reasons Facebook and Twitter even exist or even YouTube and other websites.

Science is what is used to make machines, credit and debit cards, televisions, watches, phones, lighting etc, so science cannot be dismissed outright in that regard. However, there are certain barriers humans are not allowed to cross, such as sex changes, genetic engineering, abortion, cloning etc, the list is long.

Not everything in science has a satanic origin, some of it does, but not everything, again, unlike Witchcraft, which itself be it white or black magic, still involves demonic power to activate. Some science does sadly cross into witchcraft, but in that case it is simply witchcraft masquerading as science. In magic you have Astral Projection, in science you have Remote Viewing via ESP, kinda obvious.

Case and point, Science in and of itself isn't evil, but is only evil in a specific context.

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