Monday 7 July 2014

Clearing the air: More lies to disperse

On 7th of July 2014 when speaking with fitzy on a few topics on Paltalk, the following nic came into the room and spouted this nonsense here:
"Veronica_AngelHeart: Answering Judaism the jew-worshiper is now worshiping the anti-christian dacon. look at his status LOL 

Veronica_AngelHeart: Yeah all you do is worship Jews 
Veronica_AngelHeart: You worship Jews as the master race 
Veronica_AngelHeart: and cannot debate catholics on your youtube page.. lol 

Veronica_AngelHeart: yep 
Veronica_AngelHeart: Better get out of ireland, anglo-scum 

Veronica_AngelHeart: Obviously refering to British troops in ireland 
Veronica_AngelHeart: genius 

Veronica_AngelHeart: Bobo tries to debate catholics on his blog, then when anyone responds he runs to the hills 
Veronica_AngelHeart: And goes back to praising Jews as the master race and promoting dispensationalism 

Veronica_AngelHeart: Bobo let cbd and dk-man butt-rape him 
Veronica_AngelHeart: in a public room "

The individual who masqueraded under this nic was known as xgamer_immortal or Xm Flash, one of the individuals whom have falsely accused me of attacking Sam Shamoun in the past, along with cbd94 and Dk-Man accusing me, but that is another issue.

Here are some of the lies xgamer has uttered in the room against me in the texts above. First, I DO NOT worship the Jewish people, but I do love them as a people and desire their salvation. See this article on Jew Worship that I have written:

Next, there are certain issues I haven't looked into at this time, namely mostly dealing with Roman Catholics. There is an excellent documentary by Keith Thompson that does tackle many arguments of the Roman Catholic Church. But anyway, I haven't looked into Catholicism into as much depth as he has and there are certain issues I haven't familiarised myself with. I am no expert but I can certainly learn more.

Third, I have let Roman Catholics comment on my videos and my articles freely and even cbd94 has even has responded to one of my articles. Here are the comments:
  1. I wish you PM'ed me that you had written this article, I just discovered it now. I will be writing a response and uploading it later tonight, God willing

    Grace to you,



    1. Fair enough, I await the response.
  2., it is my first post.

    Grace be with you

I very scarcely block people on my blog and on YouTube unless I am advised by others to do so or if I feel a person is not worth dealing with. droptozro, a unitarian, is one example of one person I have not blocked and has presented arguments to me on the subject of the Trinity and his denial thereof and responding to those objections has certainly helped me out to a degree.

What the butt rape comment was about I have no idea why xgamer even said that.

Finally, My description on Paltalk to DACON9, An orthodox Jew I have spoken with on certain issues and responded to in an article to his points which I wasn't able to deal with immediately in our discussion.

I was inviting him for another discussion and hopefully address more points of his but the conversation didn't take place and I called it off.

Anything I missed in this paper I will be happy to clarify, especially if it occurred in another room.

Answering Judaism.

PS. I don't hold to dispensationalism.

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