Tuesday 15 April 2014

Jew Worship?

A burden that has been recently been placed on my heart is the subject of whether not supporting the Jews is synonymous with worshipping them.

The truth of the matter is, it is not worship of Jews that is being encouraged.

The fact of the matter is, there is a debt that Christians have to the Jews, namely it is because we have Jesus as our Messiah. It is from the Jews that he came and her even came to his people to save them.

It is because of the Jews that the knowledge of YHWH has gone to many Gentiles and as a result they have come to love the God of Israel and pray to him.

While I am aware of the issues of antisemitism raised by many Jews and its right that they do, its a serious issue that mustn't be swept under the rug.

Does YHWH tolerate harming the apple of his eyes? Absolutely not, there is a judgement on those who desire to harm the Jews, which Christians should be aware of.

Does a love for the Jews tolerate a blasphemous remark about Jesus? Certainly not. I am repelled when Jews make such a remark about him or insult him by referring to him as some pagan man god or other awful comments.

A love for the Jews doesn't mean that Jesus should have his name dragged in the mud.

It is also important to realise that the reason we have the TANAKH and the NT is because of the Jewish people. Even in the days of Jesus, you had Gentiles such as Cornelius and others like one of Paul's proteges, namely Titus, one to whom one of the letters of the New Testament was written to.

We have a lot to owe to the Jewish people for the salvation we have through Jesus, the Messiah, YHWH incarnate fully god and fully man.

We need to remember this when reaching out to them. We still need to give the Gospel to them and it is my fond hope that this article may get you to think on these issues.

Is this love for the Jews Jew worship? It is not.

Answering Judaism.

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