Friday 11 October 2013

Welcome and Beginning

Hello and welcome to this site.

Founded on October 11th 2013, Answering Judaism is a blog or site that seeks to answer questions raised by Rabbinic Jews against many of the believers in Jesus or Yeshua.

This site seeks also to defend biblically the Messiahship of Jesus Christ, his deity and of course the Doctrine of the Trinity and many other issues related to Christianity, including objections raised by Unitarians and also by Muslims.

I, the owner am a Gentile and though I have recently opened this blog, I am happy to respond to some of the objections that you want to present.

As you browse through the website, Feel free to check out what I say with the scriptures themselves and be bereans in Acts 17:11. The issue of Jesus being the Messiah is NOT something to be neutral about. If he is not the Messiah, he needs to be exposed and repudiated, if he is, then we may be guilty of fighting against the Father, for denying his Son means denying him as 1 John 2:22 makes clear.

I thoroughly encourage studying the issues out and it is my hope that through studying the scriptures with an open heart, you may come to the knowledge and the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hope this may be of use to you and I thank you for taking the time to visit.


Answering Judaism.

(Note: This blog is not associated with any specific Messianic ministry.)

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