Friday 11 October 2013

Brownsville, A crusade of repentance?

I have expressed my concerns about Pensacola and of course the subject of Toronto as well, but I read a second time an article that was penned by Michael L Brown, the author of Answering Jewish objections to Jesus. First, I have no resentment towards or unkind malice towards Brown himself, but I don't understand how such a learned man could even think that Lou Engle and Mike Bickle are even remotely men of God.

I have also read Fred Butler's response to Brown with Brown writing to Butler afterwards. I cannot see how Brown could be a participant with Brownsville anyway, Considering John Kilpatrick is guilty of false prophecy, not just once, but is a repeated offender.

I was also shocked about Bickle and Engle's connection to the Kansas City Prophets and of course have expressed concerns about John Paul Jackson on YouTube ( I knew Jacob Prasch had spoken out against Bickle and I recognized the names but had forgotten why Bickle was condemned and now I know why.

There may have been cases of repentance being preached at Brownsville, considering I have watched Brown preaching repentance and the judgement of God, but how does this absolve or justify strange manifestations that have been occuring within the confines of the church itself. There are testimonies from Brownsville that I am happy to post in the description that speak about the manifestations and the experiences that occured in the revivals themselves.

What I will say in this article is for Michael Brown is to reconsider his position regarding Brownsville and call him to repent of defending it.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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