Thursday 15 January 2015

Quick Response to Craig D on homosexuality 2

"Again you fall short. Homosexuality is no more or less moral or immoral then is heterosexuality. Prove other wise you cannot; Biblically or otherwise.

Sorry everything does not fit into your neat little box of belief. But your opinion is just that an opinion - not facts."

I have demonstrated from biblical passages such as Genesis 2 and Matthew 19 that homosexuality is out of the question, I refer you to the previous article:

Craig D, Since Jesus is YHWH, you have no reason to dismiss his words and the passages he appealed to for biblical marriage, you haven't said anything. Dismissal is not a rebuttal. Does Jesus endorse a homosexual marriage, yes or no. If yes, show me from the Biblical text where he endorsed it, it's not there. If no, you are being disingenuous and not a Christian who believes in the Biblical

"Why do you try to change or sway the subject with pedophiles, or stealing - the discussion is Homosexuality which is gender, and you have no answer for AIS and the BIble is why. You loose and you can't accept it. You have your bias, and fear (and maybe hate) of homosexuals. None of that changes fact - homosexuality is not a sin."

"If you want I can post DRs / PHDs who would say something different than Dr Batton. Like I did with the 3 Biblical scholars from Iowa that with Biblical facts shows marriage is not just 1 man and 1 women. One needs to research from several sources, not just the ones that are biased like you bobo577."

I don't hate homosexuals, I hate what they are doing and endorsing. Because I love them, I want them to know the truth. I could easily dismiss your sources as biased, but that is NOT an argument. Every person has bias in some way, I could say you have your bias, but that doesn't answer the question of whether or not whether the Bible condemns homosexuality. Nothing has been offered from scripture to demonstrate that it is anything but a grievous sin against God.

Also, the reason I brought up the quote by Batton is, if you are going to suggest that homosexuality is pleasing to God, why isn't pedophilia, stealing, bestiality, murder or other sins acceptable. Let me quote him again (bold and underlined emphasis mine):
"When I tell people that homosexuality is wrong they will bring up hermaphrodites as proof that sometimes females are born with male genitalia and vice versa … . He then went on to tell me that this blew my beliefs regarding homosexuality right out of the water.”
This has nothing to do with the morality of homosexual promiscuity. Morality is not determined by biological abnormalities. You could use the reductio ad absurdum approach:
Say a person was born with a gene that made them a kleptomaniac. Would that mean that we should legalize / legitimize stealing? Hardly. Say it is found that there is a genetic predisposition to pedophilia in some people; would that mean that pedophilia should be accepted? There are people who have such a serious personality disorder (sociopath) that they will abuse and even kill other people without remorse. Does that mean that their behaviour should be accepted by society because they naturally want to behave like that? Of course not; the prisons are replete with such individuals to protect society at large from their behaviour. Just because someone has a natural bent to do something does not mean that society should accept their behaviour. This is a ridiculous argument. You could probably think of even better examples to prove the point." Dr Don Batton:"

The argument presented by you Craig is absurd, If homosexuality is a natural behavior, why aren't the behaviors Dr Batton mentioned are to be celebrated and endorsed? Care to offer a biblical answer?

"I am not looking at any of your internet posts / links, as there are similar on the other side of the argument, which I can post as well.

Sorry, you are wrong on this argument - homosexuality is not a sin. It is not up to us to show that God specifically condones something, but it is up to you to show evidence that he condemns something and God clearly never condemns 2 members of the same sex in a loving and committed relationship. If you only consider things NOT to be sinful that God specifically condones, where does He condone typing on a computer? Furthermore, Paul made it clear that if you are a New Testament believer, Galatians 5:14 says, "For the entire law is fulfilled with this one; love your neighbor as yourself." So unless you can provide evidence that 2 members of the same sex in a loving and committed relationship are somehow violating that verse, your ideology is clearly in error"

I covered the texts of Genesis 2 and Matthew 19 already, YOU ARE WRONG. Your assertions that homosexuality is a good thing are unfounded. It robs people of actually having a family and while adoption is noble, it is in a context where the parents are engaged in wrongful sexual conduct.

A computer is a neutral thing, as are technology or tools generally. Even the Bible records the usage of tools. It is not the tool that is sinful, it's how the tool is used. How a computer is utilized can be evil or good depending on the context. Technology is neither condemned or condoned, it's just there and it's how it's used matters. What it is also counts too, because there is technology that is perverse, such as a vibrator sex toy. There is a difference between technology that is used for both good and bad and technology that was delibrately created for bad. A computer in and of itself is not good or evil.

Loving my neighbour entails giving the Gospel to them and giving the truth and loving your neighbour as yourself in that context doesn't mean two men are to engage in homosexual activity or two women are to engage in homosexual activity. It is YOU Craig that have failed to demonstrate how I am wrong biblically speaking.

You also have no excuse to say that "God clearly never condemns 2 members of the same sex in a loving and committed relationship." because God himself refutes you in the passages I have brought up, BOTH OLD AND NEW Testaments and from JESUS' own lips and of course the citation I gave from Dr Safarti:

Stop with the excuses and repent.

Answering Judaism.

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