Saturday 6 December 2014

Perspective on Loyalty

Loyalty and love are important terms and in the Hebrew are the same word. The Hebrew is "chesed".

Loving an individual entails having a loyalty to them that is difficult to destroy and abolish.

God has this kind of love towards those are in him and remain faithful to him. He has a loyalty that isn't so easily diminished. He also still has his love for his chosen people Israel, the Jewish people. Though they have rejected him, he hasn't rejected them and indeed calls for them to return to him and he will return to them. This doesn't mean every Jew who has ever lived will be saved, They need the gospel, as many are dying and going to hell as this article is being read.

Loving God. the blessed Trinity, entails more than just admiration, it's a devotion to him no matter the cost, a loyalty above possessions, family etc.

God knows not of a love without loyalty, otherwise Jesus would not of said "If you love me, my commandments", not to mention he calls us to "deny yourselves, take up the cross and follow me". How can one say he loves Jesus when he doesn't even do what he says? Seems to be a nonsensical contradiction to me,

Another sobering thought for the true Christian is that they are never truly alone. Although many individuals may abandon you due to taking a biblical stance on the issues of this word, or even if you lovingly confront your friends abandon you due to this, God himself will never abandon you and will be with you to back you to the helm. Loyalty to God is a hard thing indeed and may be costly, but it nothing compares to the splendor of heaven.

Don't lose heart if a friend abandons you for doing what is right, take comfort in the fact that God himself will not leave you, but remain with you and it is better to be faithful to God no matter what, than worry about losing friends due to confrontation or any other scenario.

Hope this article is a blessing.

Answering Judaism.

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