Friday 5 December 2014

Clearing the air once again 2

I may dedicate another article to QuinQue Viae and his arguments but I want to spend this article dealing with a few comments made by this deceiver.

"Well, it seems he's done it again! Bobo on his blog Answering-Judaism has gone off on another long-winded rant on Catholic doctrine. This time he is attacking Saintly Intercession and the Real Presence. I guess getting royally owned on Sola Scriptura and Oral Tradition has left a bad taste in his mouth and he has to hide and run to a brand new issue. This is the typical "Shotgun approach" that Anti-Catholics generally apply in arguments. What on earth does Transubstantiation have to do with Saintly Intercession? He just throws these issues together to make it more difficult for one to respond, since they have the burden of now carefully explaining two issues to him."

I already have an article on Sola Scriptura AND NO I wasn't jumping or shotgunning, I was addressing comments Quin made on an article HE commented on which had more than one point:

Here is the Sola Scriptura article:

"Now for some background on Bobo: the guy is a rather popular user on paltalk. He is famous for his antics on the chat program; Such as screaming on the mic at the top of his lungsb calling CBD a, "Mary worshiping idolater." And adminning in an anti-catholic room that calls Catholics "gay," "evil," "wicked" and has us bounced, banned, or blocked on entrance. Or perhaps the time he came on audio and started screaming about Sam Shamoun blocking him for allegedly trying to contact Sam and his family personally. Now whether or not Bobo actually has tried these things to Sam, I do not know. But this behavior from a "christian" apologist is extremely unbecoming. I do wonder where Bobo can go to the Bible to justify these sort of unseemly actions, it quite honestly makes me wonder if he's ever truly read the Bible and understood the role of God in his life. He obviously has an unregenerate personality and is an all-around unsavory character."

The reason I referred to cbd94 as a Mary worshipping pagan is
1. Hyperdulia is idolatry
2. cbd94 kept saying I cloned Sam Shamoun.

As I said previously, Liars sprang up to claim that Shamoun was cloning me, when he did NO such thing and I repudiated the claim in the room. Whoever brought it up first I forget, but both Quin (as xgamer) and cbd94, both kept claiming that I was saying Shamoun was cloning me, when I said in the room OVER AND OVER AGAIN "The Sam Shamoun I know would NEVER do that."

Despite pointing out I NEVER made the claim, cbd94 persisted saying so and xgamer threatened to dob me and jonnykzj in, for something he and I never said.

It doesn't help having people lying about me or Shamoun because that would have made previous hostility between us WORSE.

Another thing. I haven't admin in fitzy's room for A LONG TIME. The last time if I recall was early 2013. I haven't adminned since then and I seldom admin in rooms these days.

For that matter, what Quin fails to inform his audience that he actually came into fitzy's room under another nic and said this:
"Veronica_AngelHeart: Answering Judaism the jew-worshiper is now worshiping the anti-christian dacon. look at his status LOL 

Veronica_AngelHeart: Yeah all you do is worship Jews 
Veronica_AngelHeart: You worship Jews as the master race 
Veronica_AngelHeart: and cannot debate catholics on your youtube page.. lol 

Veronica_AngelHeart: yep 
Veronica_AngelHeart: Better get out of ireland, anglo-scum 

Veronica_AngelHeart: Obviously refering to British troops in ireland 
Veronica_AngelHeart: genius 

Veronica_AngelHeart: Bobo tries to debate catholics on his blog, then when anyone responds he runs to the hills 
Veronica_AngelHeart: And goes back to praising Jews as the master race and promoting dispensationalism 

Veronica_AngelHeart: Bobo let cbd and dk-man butt-rape him 
Veronica_AngelHeart: in a public room "

Now fitzy did react in the room after dotting xgamer. Should anyone be referred to as gay as a general insult? No. Anyway, Then Quin (as xgamer) goes into the mic whining about himself being attacked, failing to mention to the room HE ATTACKED ME FIRST.

I was intending to arrange another dialogue with DACON9 and I was saying in effect if he wants another dialogue with me.

You can read on this topic here:

I never contacted Shamoun's family nor accused him of cloning me. Those who claim this LIE through their teeth.

            I know of quite a few Protestants that have come to me in private and said Bobo's behavior and abuse of mentally ill paltalk users, some of whom are severely brain damaged, is extremely vile and distasteful. I cannot say I disagree with them in the least, I urge all Christians, whether they be Catholic or Protestant, to denounce the behavior of this guy and ask for his repentance. Whether your theological views are Catholic or non-catholic, this type of childish behavior and clownish antics simply cannot be tolerated if one is truly following a biblically-based worldview. God will have to judge Bobo and he will have to answer for his association with these bigoted rooms and mocking of disabled people on paltalk.
      Now on to the actual "arguments" presented by Bobo the Clown from paltalk:"

I don't abuse mentally ill users at all. If you are talking about someone like westoftherockies, Keep in mind that his behaviour towards me was vile and I RARELY interact with him. Plus, he has even said to Keith Thompson to "f off" when he was just asking a question on what his position is. Quin has commented on a video of mine which you can find here:

be nice to westoftherockies the guy does have problems. he was in a coma for several months and isn't able to think properly sometimes. He sometimes does things that are not reasonable or rational but that's just due to his condition. It doesn't give you the right to bully him

So pointing out I was unfairly treated in that room by him is somehow bullying him? I was actually told by him that I don't trust in the blood of Christ just because I believe you can lose your salvation. He even told Keith to F*** off once, just because he was asking a question. He was not interested in dialouging with me at all.

I don't know who is mentally ill on Paltalk and who isn't and how would I know he was in a coma for sometime because of TWO interactions? Quin claiming I knowingly abuse those who are mentally ill is unfounded. I DON'T KNOW WHO IS MENTALLY ILL AND WHO ISN'T!!! You cannot assume I know everything about other users.

If I know someone is disabled, I will not treat them harshly.

Furthermore, Paul did speak harshly of false teachers, as did Jesus. Remember the Pharisees? They were referred to as white washed tombs, hypocrites, false teachers, brood of vipers etc.

Is it any wonder I have used harsh words of false prophets like Erano or even some apostates I have named?

Just thought I'd might get these points cleared up.

Answering Judaism.

PS. Regarding the gay comment, I would suggest both fitzy and Quin talk this over.


  1. Well, here we go again. I think it's time I finished the dialogue with you as you're simply incapable of dealing with any theological arguments, but prefer to delve into childish, immaturity, ad-hominem insults, and other various lies that you're especially fond on slinging at me. First off, I have never accused you of calling Sam Shamoun, so please stop with these lies. I have clarified my position about 30 times so far. You were in the room and people were saying you called Shamoun's family. I had no knowledge of the incident until you typed in the room, "I tried to call Sam Shamoun." It was then when I confronted you and asked why you tried to do that. But you had explained to me that this was a mistake and a typo, you meant to say you NOT call sam Shamoun. After that I let it go. You're the one that seems to have a severe reading comprehension issue and can't understand what I said.

    - You post the conversation from some Veronica woman and then allege that this is me. First off, even if that conversation is true (for some reason it seems half of the posts are erased) that user is not me. My Paltalk username is Xgamer and a new one called Mercury. Once more you are throwing false accusations at me. I guess this is how you learned to behave in Fitzy's room.

    -- Next, I fail to see why you keep bringing up your lack of adminship in Fitzy's room, as this has any relevance to the conversation. The point is that you associate and participate in an explicit anti-catholic room that slings insults at us and deals with us in a childish manner. You, likewise, also engage in this behavior ("apostate" xgamer) and once again have evaded my theological issues, preferring to dwell on your paltalk drama and false accusations. There was a Bobo557 nic that came in using racial epithets one day, you clarified on your youtube page that that was a clone and I let it go. Should I accuse you of being that fake Bobo? Once more, you're not acting like a christian.

    - Concerning WestoftheRockies, I highly doubt that you were unaware of his mental issues. But you whine and moan about him telling your friend to "f off" as if he is capable of controlling his behavior. He's said far worse to me, believe me, but I don't whine about it and make videos on youtube. The guy has a serious disability but even after I warned you about this you continued making videos and making a big scene out of it. I also wonder why you fail to inform your readers how your friend Keith repeatedly used the "N word" in chat about a year ago and was hanging out in White Nationalist rooms. But I guess that doesn't fit your "All Catholics chatters are bad" narrative that you're trying to portray here.

    "If I know someone is disabled, I will not treat them harshly."

    And yet you bring up West once again when I deliberately left his name out of the conversation. You choose to make it public knowledge and continue on with your antics. That is despicable behavior, but not unexpected knowing you.

    "The reason I referred to cbd94 as a Mary worshipping pagan is
    1. Hyperdulia is idolatry
    2. cbd94 kept saying I cloned Sam Shamoun."

    That is unacceptable behavior, period. CBD, DK, and me were all confused concerning these accusations. We had them coming from Protestants as well as Catholics that this was going on. To this day, I do not know whether or not you contacted Sam, like I said I wasn't there. But we were legitimately asking what was going on, then you clarified your position on the mic and I accepted it. What is the problem?

  2. I only did two videos responding to west's claims about scripture , unaware he had some condition.

    Cbd94 wasn't the one who started the lie about me but he certainly did keep repeating it in the room despite me MULTIPLE times correcting it, that is not inquiry.

    If Keith was guilty of what you say, I am convinced it is something he has turned from and repented of.

    No I don't hate Catholics. While I consider them heretics, I do acknowledge there are nice Catholics like say Mitch Pacwa.

    The Veronica posts had some nics removed as they were not relevant to the article and I was on the mic. But heres the thing, how did you know fitzy called you gay when you are not Veronica? I find that strange.

    As I said, if you are patient, you'll get a response if the Lord Wills.

    Lastly, if you were simply enquiring, why did threaten to dob Jonny and I in for something we didn't say?

  3. I dunno what you're referring to in the veronica incident. I was called those slanderous names when I walked in the room and was on mic and he dotted me and said those things on the mic to me. If he said it to veronica (who I thought was victor to be honest with u) then that would have to be another incident