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How to write an article: Tips of the Trade

Roberto Orci: It wasn't actually we got to into tv that we actually realized Oh, an outline is helpful. To me an outline is kinda like prelaunch and then writing it is launch and once you're launched, it is very hard to make course corrections if you don't have the right... if you don't have all your telemetry kind of put together before you actually launch.

Alex Kurtzman: Yeah if your spine isn't there.. I mean you know, the story that you're telling and the direction of the story is really dictated by the structure a lot of the time but it's equally dictated by character and if your spine isn't there, it's very hard to build up.
Screenwriters KURTZMAN & ORCI: Tricks of the Trade:

These are the words of my two favorite screenwriters, responsible for the Amazing Spiderman 2, one of the best comic book movies out there. However, that isn't the reason why Orci and Kurtzman are mentioned here.

My reason for mentioning them here is simply for those who want a basic understanding of how you are to write an article if you are planning to be an apologist for the Lord.

I hope to give valuable tips on how to do one.

How are you going to begin writing a paper be it to exegete the scriptures and comment on them, or refuting the other side of your opponents if you haven't got a basic structure down? It is helpful to note down the arguments that your opponent has brought to you and their point needs to be evaluated. Commentaries and Lexicons can be helpful in your studies, but it's also important to read the scripture in context and see what conclusions can be drawn from the Biblical text.

In the case of Rabbinic Judaism, sometimes they may have an element of truth that might conform to the Biblical text, so it is worth reading the text first, then seeing how they interpret it to see if what they say is exegetically viable.

For examples of this, read the following:

Another point you need to consider is how much of the article is going to be dedicated to a subject? Like say Isaiah 53 or transubstantiation? Are you going to tackle multiple subjects or just one in particular?

It may be best to address several objections in one paper, depending on the individuals you have spoken to, how many have come to you and how many objections have been given to you. Sometimes it could be a quick article addressing one minor objection or a large article addressing an objection that requires a lot of detail.

The detail however is not to be empty, but have meaning instead and also, rambling in your paper or even a transcript if you are planning a video, is not the right course of action. Think about how you are going to present the information to your audience and obviously, try to make as much sense to your audience as you can.

It is important to go back an read your paper before submitting your paper. This is a culpable mistake I have made in the past, namely there is something I have said that is wrongly worded or doesn't look right and I have to correct it. It is preferable to proof read the article itself to check for spelling mistakes, missing words, punctuation errors etc, just to be sure that your article is understood correctly and not misconstrued. Read the article over and over if you have to until you are satisfied with the final result.

You also need to encourage your readers to be Bereans (Acts 17:11) and check what you have said with the scriptures, DO NOT tell your audience to blindly accept what you are saying but rather tell them to study for themselves. I might be of great help to someone in these papers, but ultimately, Sola Scriptura, what the Bible says goes in other words.

Finally, ultimately you need to study certain issues before beginning writing. Acquire at least a rudimentary understanding and move from there. Sometimes a rebuttal you receive or a response to someone else who has used a similar article can be used to help you understand the other side more and then hopefully you can respond to the rebuttal itself and also go from there.

That is all that is to be said on this topic folks. Make sure your spine for your article is there, or your article is hard to build up.

Answering Judaism.

18th of April 2021.

My opinion of Orci and Kurtzman has changed in recent years, especially in light of the latters desecration of Star Trek in recent years.

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