Thursday 14 August 2014

How can Three be One? God, the Jews and the Torah

The article is NOT going to be proving the Trinity is in the Zohar, NOR is it saying Jesus is in the Zohar, but this is simply some comments on a phrase found in the Zohar, namely a supposed "How can three be one phrase".

The following phrase said this:
"Hear, O Israel, YHVH Elohenu YHVH is one." These three are one. How can the three Names be one? Only through the perception of Faith: in the vision of the Holy Spirit, in the beholding of the hidden eyes alone. The mystery of the AUDIBLE voice is similar to this, for though it is one yet it consists of three elements--fire, air, and water, which have, however, become one in the mystery of the voice. Even so it is with the mystery of the threefold Divine manifestations designated by YHVH Elohenu YHVH--three modes which yet form one unity". (Zohar, III: Exodus 43b, Soncino translation)

I have been told by a Jewish woman that it refers to God, the Jews and the Torah being one.

From my brief contemplation on this given point, I have concluded that there is indeed validity for this statement by her.

God himself gives the Law, the Torah for the Jews to live by and to have a personal relationship with God through his holy Torah (Not by works salvation, but simply gratitude to what God has done for them).

The three are united in purpose for bringing God's redemption to mankind, with the Jews being a light to the nations, the Gentiles.

There is some truth to this statement that has some connection to Jesus and I don't mean in the sense the Zohar is writing about him, but in the sense that the principle that God, the Jews and the Torah are united.

I am not even saying the Zohar is even taking Jesus into consideration with this principle at all, far from it, The Zohar is not a proof text for Jesus, That is just as absurd as a Michael Bay film flopping due to poor box office revenue.

Jesus as YHWH comes down to earth, to reconcile the Jews back to the Father in heaven and also as he said he "came not to abolish the law, but fulfill" (Matt. 5:17).

In Jesus, the three are united.
1. God the Father uses the Son as the means to bring salvation.
2. The Jews to this day are coming into a relationship with the God of Israel via the vicarious death of Christ and their hearts
3. Jesus own fulfilling of the Law itself grants righteousness to those who believe, the Messianics included. If it wasn't for the law, men wouldn't know what sin was. The Law was kept out of gratitude to God after coming out of Sinai, not as a means of obtaining salvation.

Jesus is the glue that binds the three perfectly.

Other issues such as Gentiles observing Torah or not have been covered in another article and need not be covered here again:
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That's all I have to say, this is merely a reflection on the statement in a Zohar, not a commentary on it. After all, The Zohar itself isn't saying what I am saying, but the principle, is nevertheless interesting.

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