Thursday 21 August 2014

Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming: What should a Christian's attitude be?

Before we dive into this article, let me give a simple explanation as to what these phenomena actually are.

Lucid Dreaming is where a person is fully aware that they are asleep and thus can control the dream at will rather than just let it play out as a usual dream does.

Astral Projection is essentially where a person's soul leaves their body, allowing them to travel to other places leaving their body where it is.

I'll say this right now, these practices, are dangerous and come into the realm of the occult.

Both these particular practices can and in many cases open oneself to the demonic realm, something a Christian should never consider.

An episode of a childhood program comes to mind known as Jackie Chan Adventures. In one episode, Jade, Jackie's niece in the program, comes across one of 12 talismans that Jackie is to find before Valmont, a criminal ganglord finds them. In this particular episode, Jade accidentally uses the sheep talisman, which grants the user the power of astral projection. While she was having fun, the talisman was stolen from her by Valmont's goons and given to Shendu, a demon sorcerer who desires all the talismans to regain physical form.

Using the sheep talisman, Shendu possesses Jades body, rendering her unable to return to her body in order to gain access to other talismans hidden away and though the problem is resolved at the end, the episode speaks volumes on an issue raised by other websites. While the plot elements of Jackie Chan Adventures are not rooted in biblical theology, the point raised nevertheless highlights a severe problem that advocates of astral projection including new agers overlook.

Astral projection is not a safe or biblical practice, considering the fact the body is vulnerable to demonic attack and possible possession. While the person may be able to return to their body, they have now unwittingly opened themselves up to demons and fall under their control.

Also, what benefit is there in separating your soul from your body? Even if demons were not possess your body, astral projection requires demonic power to be achieved in the first place and there is indeed nothing profitable in astral projection either in reality or superficial curiosity. The thought of wanting to engage in this practice is not to be entertained.

Now onto Lucid Dreaming, this practice is also dangerous. There is a danger of dreams and reality merging so you may not be able to tell the difference between the two.

Dreams are a normal part of human mind when asleep, I am not saying dreaming itself is bad, but lucid dreaming as it stands has to be called into question for spiritual reasons.

If there is no harm in it, then it is useless and a waste of time and energy that God has given you. If however there is indeed some evil intervention that exists with lucid dreaming, then it is to be avoided.

I would advise Christians to stay away from these techniques, not only do they not profit us, they also do not fall in line with God's word and what he has told us.

Only God is worthy of our devotion, not occult techniques that open us up to the realm of evil.

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  1. In Judaism, it's used within the Kabbalah. It's also used in older beliefs (theories). The Bible is overall newer than thy Egyptian-Pyramids.

    Also, lucifer, light-bearer in Latin. No antichrist, "antichrists", anti love.
    Also, no fallen-angel, in the "canon" (manipulated, translated from dead-Hebrew, etc.).

    Yashua/Yeshua/Yeyoshua practiced these beliefs, as a Judaist, as a man, not Caucasian, nor a tall man, as in general notion many think he was Caucasian and tall. Also, not the first virgin-birth, nor thy last (makes sense).

    Peace. :D

    1. While it's used in Kabbalah, that doesn't mean that God approves of it.

      There are anti-christs found in the NT and Finally, I know Jesus was not a Caucasian. He would of had olive skin colour when he lived in the Middle East and his virgin birth is attested in the Bible.

      No where in the Bible does Jesus practice astral projection or lucid dreaming or even the practices of Kabbalah. kabbalah did not exist in his day.

  2. You claim if there is no harm in it then it is useless and a 'waste of time and energy'.
    What else would one be doing while sleeping? What you said could be said about almost anything. It's really a weak argument.

    I see no issue with having fun your dreams as long as you apply the same morality in your dream world, if you are controlling it, as you do in your waking world.