Sunday 15 June 2014

Comments on Bryan Singer and the X-Men

People who know me, know I have a keen interest in comic books, namely Marvel specifically. I myself consider Spider-Man to be my favourite character.

The live action films of Marvel I have seen would include not only The Amazing Spiderman Films and the Sam Raimi trilogy but also the list includes the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the X Men Franchise.

I have even been in the process of writing my own comic book series and not just writing articles and other things.

However, this article is not speaking on my likes and dislikes of these movies or promoting my comic, as a different blog will be needed for that and this isn't the blog for such a purpose.

While I thought X Men Days of Future Past was the only one of the films that I thought to be very good rather than good or average, there is one thing that bothers me about Bryan Singer, a supposed attempt to promote a homosexual agenda under the guise of these films.

There is a video I have yet to see on YouTube called X Men and the Gay Agenda, which claims that Singer is promoting the homosexual life and pushing through it via allegory. 

If Singer is using the X Men Franchise for this nefarious purpose, that is truly evil and detestable and I see this as a stain on otherwise decent films.

This to me is tremendous disrespect to a comic book franchise that has captivated audiences for 50 years and may have inspired young people to do a comic book series of their own.

X Men as a set of films should not be used as a means of promoting a sin which the Bible tells us to renounce and avoid. 

One could use X Men as a means to highlight the ills of persecution and hatred of others that are different to you and it certainly does do that. For Example, Magneto's extreme prejudice towards mankind for the death of his mother and his mutant brothers and sisters, whereas Xavier is trying to establish a unity between mankind and humans and believes that there is a kinship to share. But using the films as a cover to justify homosexual sin or other sins sexual or otherwise, is beyond reprehensible and Singer should be ashamed.

The X Men films are films based of a comic book franchise and should be treated as such, not treated as tools to forward evil goals.

The only thing that can be done is pray for Bryan Singer to reconsider, change his attitude and be converted.

Answering Judaism.

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