Thursday 19 June 2014

A question to KeithTruth: Arminianism

KeithTruth's ministry has been of great benefit, especially since I have quoted his material in my papers and overall his points refuting Catholicism, Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagian belief has been of great help. His videos responding to Pelagian heretics such as Kerrigan Skelly and Jesse Morrel on claims they have made about Calvinism has been beneficial, as well as his large documentary on Roman Catholicism.

His video on Calvinism can be found here:

However I do have some disagreements with him and pose a few challenges to him with respect to some of the claims he has made regarding Arminian doctrine, especially in a discussion he and I had back in May 2014.

Here is a discussion he and I had on Facebook:
"Keith Thompson Arminians deny the sufficiency of grace like Catholics do. If all men have it, but most reject it, it is insufficient.
15 May at 17:14

(My comment) If I recall, Roman Catholics hold to infused grace, rather than true grace. What Arminian says its insufficient?
15 May at 17:42 · Like

Keith Thompson Catholics and Arminians both believe God gives everyone the initial grace or ability to become right with God. Yet, most men reject this grace so it is insufficient. Doesn't matter if Arminians admit this by saying grace is insufficient. Their system makes it insufficient. In biblical theology, God's grace does its job. Whenever God gives it for salvation, the person is saved. : )
15 May at 17:47

(My comment) I am not sure how that makes sense, rejecting grace renders it insufficent? Forgive me if I misunderstood your point.
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Keith Thompson The fact that its able to be rejected and yet people have the grace means it is insufficient
15 May at 18:35

Keith Thompson to save
15 May at 18:35

Keith Thompson The fact is when God gives someone grace to be saved its sufficient and they get saved.
15 May at 18:36

(My comment What if you have a scenario where a man turns down his grace willingly?
15 May at 18:40 · Like

Keith Thompson then you have insufficient grace and God trying to save people but having his will thwarted by the little creatures plans
15 May at 18:46

(My comment) If someone refuses God for a purpose, Doesn't he give it to someone else who will take it?
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Keith Thompson God decrees who will obey and who will refuse what is right. He controls everything.
15 May at 18:48

(My comment) Oh. Interesting.
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Keith Thompson"

Not to sound disrespectful but the assertion that Keith made that Arminianism denies graces or says is insufficient is ridiculous.

I have even asked him what Arminian author says that grace is insufficient and he didn't provide one, that is my first question. Keith, WHICH ARMINIAN AUTHOR, or even where does Armininus himself says that grace is insufficient, even subtle. If you cannot provide a single author that says such, you are either being disingenuous and are misrepresenting us or display ignorance. I may sound harsh by saying this but this is a serious matter.

Another absurd claim is that rejected grace is insufficient grace. This I find this assertion to be nonsensical and stupid. If someone rejects God's grace, it's their own damn fault. Besides, unregenerate man, wrecked by original sin, rejects his grace continually and only accept it once they have been convicted by the Spirit and drawn by the Father. For rejecting his grace God hands a man over to his sin. This is not insufficient grace in slightest.

Thirdly, it is an insult and offensive to compare Arminian theologians to Roman Catholic, Pelagian and Semi-Pelagian Heretics. To lump Arminians into the same category as these heretics, I find to be reprehensible. I find the teachings of Kerrigan Skelly and Jesse Morrell on the issues Keith brought to light to be repugnant, both those men are teaching things they shouldn't, like a denial of original sin, works salvation and also open theism that Morrell holds to. While they may have a concern for holiness, This wouldn't justify their heresy, as Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses also proclaim holiness yet hold to abhorrent beliefs. Plus, I also find Roman Catholicism to be an abomination and your documentary demonstrates that quite forcefully, may God bless you Keith for exposing it.

The point is, many Calvinists would not like to be placed in the same category has hyper-Calvinistic heretics, so kindly return the favour when you address Arminianism. Don't lump Arminians with the heretics I mentioned.

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