Sunday 15 June 2014

Apologies to Joel Olstein

Two years ago, before beginning this website, I was confronted by a Jewish fellow by the name of Joel Olstein in the Answering Christianity room. At the time I was... sloppy at best.

When I went into a room against Islam, I invited Joel over so we could tackle an argument about the Passover and he was dotted at one stage. He left the room and I called him back to the room by saying "Don't you want to save your Messianic brothers?". This was used as a means to call him back because one individual was a Messianic Jew and this was used as a tether to pull him back in the room so the discussion could occur (Though it didn't happen as I had hoped, he was dotted a little later.).

My apologies for doing this two years ago Joel and I will not do this to you again.

Answering Judaism.

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