Thursday 29 May 2014

Excuses? or Biblical Defense?

There are individuals who I have come across that simply dismiss a defence of Jesus as simply a convenient excuse. In fact some such as counter missionaries have even gone as far was accusing apologists of "twisting the Christian Bible" to excuse Jesus.

Or are missionaries giving a defence of Christ and are giving a defence for their faith.

It is one thing to say Christians are "making excuses" and explaining why so the Christians can respond, but it's quite another matter to say that Christians are "making excuses" and dismiss the points altogether.

I could easily say that Rabbinic Jews have contrived excuses so they can prove their oral tradition goes back to Moses, Which does beg the question, but dismissal is not a rebuttal which is a point I have made in my articles to heretic and false prophet Maestro M. Erano Evangelista.

Think on these issues.

Answering Judaism.

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