Saturday 25 October 2014

Willingness to listen

I leave the comments open in order for people to give their points and in order for me to think it over.

There are times even where new information is brought to my attention, either through comments or reading someone else's material.

What the Rabbinic Jews say about the scripture I do not dismiss immediately, but instead, I wonder if a point made about scripture by them has some validity to it. Not to mention whether or not it can be reconciled scripturally, as well as even seeing how the NT may fit into this.

A case of not listening would be my dialogue with Nitemaresden, my most recent was short, since he wouldn't listen to me, he would misrepresent my point or just accuse me of being a liar without any logical grounds. That is a case of someone not willing to listen.

My case is different, I do take into consideration some of the arguments from the Rabbinic camp to see if it hold weight, and rather be a detriment to the NT, it has surprisingly helped me affirm the NT more and more. Even some of the arguments I have seen bolster the NT's credibility rather than diminish it.

If I provide a response to a claim about the NT or Jesus himself, its not a case of dismissing truth, but seeking it.

Answering Judaism.

PS. Some of the Eranoites have been blocked due to absolutely refusing to address my points but repeat them.

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