Wednesday 22 October 2014

Comments on some of Theodore Shoebat's points in his debate with Keith Thompson

This article is going to comment on some of the points made by Theodore Shoebat in his debate with Keith Thompson back in August 2014.

The debate "Walid Shoebat’s Son Supports Catholic Massacre of Cathar Children & Women" can be found here:

War Rhetoric

In the debate that took place between Keith Thompson and Theodore Shoebat, an issue arose such as the wiping out of the Canaanites and Amalekites.

Through the Bible and thanks to some interesting scholarship, Thompson showed Shoebat that when it speaks on young and old being killed, it is simply near eastern rhetoric denoting a decisive war victory.

Shoebat however would not accept the evidence and claimed that Thompson was denying the scripture and what it said.

Keith was not denying what scripture was teaching, he was pointing out what was actually meant by root out individuals in a war context.

Keith also showed contemporary examples of the rhetoric itself from other sources, Egyptian included, to which Shoebat said "now you are using pagan sources interpreting scripture?".

Shoebat again missed the point. Keith was not saying to interpret the scriptures through paganism, he was giving evidence that the war rhetoric was not that uncommon in ancient times in that area of the world.

This is a straw man and a misrepresentation of Keith's premise.

For more information on the literary device used, read this article:

Cathar and Waldensian massacre
When Keith pointed out that these two groups shouldn't be killed, Theodore's question was "Were the Cathars Christians?".

Regardless of Cathars being Christians or not, that is irrelevant. It doesn't matter if it is an unbeliever or heretic, there is no justification for Christians to go out and kill. The fact the Catholics massacred these people in the first place, calls into question whether or not they were following the commandments of Christ and I contend the Catholics were not Christians.

Although Jesus and his followers are in a spiritual war with Satan and his forces, that is not the same as, nor a pretext to commit mass murder. So to question the Orthodoxy of the Cathars is irrelevant to the fact that they shouldn't of been wiped out in a full scale massacre, but instead should have been brought to repentance.

If there was a modern day equivalent today, Here is a question. Do we have a pretext to kill Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Anti-Trinitarians of all stripes, Anti-Trinitarian and Anti-Pauline Messianic Jews? OR.... Should one's efforts be placed in evangelising to those people, praying for them and witnessing to them? I'd say, the latter is what Christ would want.

It is one thing for a Christian to engage in self defense or even join the army to defend our country or dispence proper justice, but it is quite another story to go out and massacre innocent people, even if only ONE individual was killed by said group. I say this because Shoebat brought up the murder of Peter Castadown, for what reason I have no idea, because that wouldn't let the Catholics of the hook for killing the Cathars.

These points by Shoebat speak volumes on his attitude toward the Inquisition and the Crusades. Very troubling. More points may be added at a later date IF the Lord Wills.

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