Saturday 4 January 2014

Warning: Thoughts on Michael Brown on Benny Hinn's show

Recently I had looked at my friend's Facebook pages and discovered that Michael L Brown, the writer of Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, had been on Benny Hinn's show recently.

I checked for myself and he has been on the show. To this I say, I am utterly disgusted and appalled.

However, It shouldn't surprise anyone that Brown has gone down this route, He has claimed that men like Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, Reinhard Bonnke and Cindy Jacobs are wonderful and godly people, when point of fact as I have said before in my article "Concerns about Toronto and Pensacola." :

"Although I have been looking at some objections Yisroel Blumenthal raised to Brown, I have expressed concerns about Brown in the past before with respect to certain ministries, such as those of Mike Bickle, Lou Engle and Cindy Jacobs, all renowned false prophets. Again, Just because a certain revival teaches repentance, we are not to automatically assume they are from the Lord, because repentance is not the only criteria of truth. It's Brown's attitude to these ministries that makes me hesitant support his ministry, if not compels me not to support him at all. As fivepointbaptist AKA. Chris Gatreau, one of the authors of Reformed Apologetics Ministries had stated when Michael Brown and Jerry Johnson discussed Charles Finney's false teachings, Gatreau noted that even Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons tell others to repent but that doesn't make them true. The context of Gatreau's words can be found in this video:". (

Not mention, Benny Hinn is notorious for raking in millions with his false teachings, false annointings and empty threats to those who dare challenge him. Reinhard Bonnke himself has had financial backing from Earl Paulk, another Word Faith Heretic who believes that Mormons are brothers in the Lord. One article on Reinhard Bonnke I thoroughly recommend is by Sandy Simpson from

I also recommend the documentary called "Word of Faith Teachers: Origins & Errors of Their Teaching (Full Film)" which can be found here: This documentary by Keith Thompson will be of great benefit to the brethen and also lead those who are mislead by the Word Faith Heretics and into the light of the true Gospel.

Comments by Dr Brown
Many things that Michael Brown has uttered on Facebook I find to be rather horrendous, here's a few quotes from Dr Brown:

"The Word doesn’t tell us to judge people by whether they fall forwards or backwards; it tells us to judge by what they believe and how they live."

"Two more things about today's radio show: 1) For the sake of folks genuinely confused with my appearance on Benny Hinn's TV show, I'm taking time to explain my reasoning to them, not to defend my decision. 2) It's sadly amusing to see how many people have been self-appointed to be my personal judge and jury and to know God's will for my life. Really, quite extraordinary to be candid."

1. The Word doesn't have to say explicitly that you cannot judge falling down backwards or forwards, but the only time where people fell backwards in the NT is in judgement. In the OT Ezekiel fell down in awe, but that is no justification to not judge
2. Going to Benny Hinn's show doesn't mean you sit with him to preach the Gospel, you have nothing to do with him unless you intend to debate him on a panel. Even James White of is disgusted with what Brown has done, He has said:

"Deeply disappointed my friend, deeply disappointed. Only way I would ever sit on the same platform with a man who has bilked millions out of tens of millions of dollars and brought such incredible disrepute to the message of the Gospel would be to debate the man, rebuke his blasphemous teachings on the Holy Spirit, and call him to renounce his teachings and embrace the gospel. Your topics sound great---but the context destroys the consistency needed for them to be meaningful."

I am with James White on this, It is ridiculous to even consider the possibility of teaming up with Benny Hinn.
Now moving to another few quotations:

"I know it's late, but for those of you who are still up, here's a quick question (meant honestly): How many of you are fine with my friendship with men like Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, and Reinhard Bonnke (whom I believe to be true men of God), and my involvement in and endorsement of the Brownsville Revival (which I believe to be a wonderful move of the Spirit), but you're just concerned about my appearing on Benny Hinn's TV show?"

I can tell you quite bluntly, I am not fine with ANY OF THEM. You can believe all you want Dr Brown that they are good men but doesn't make it true, LOOK AT THEIR LIVES AND FRUIT. Why is it on the issues of Judaism and on the subject of homosexuality you say very good things and speak out against the evils of this planet and not to mention your answer to my questions have been helpful, but why do you throw this non-compromise mandate under the bus for men who have blatantly been exposed as false prophets? Jacob Prasch has spoken out against Bickle, Engle and Jacobs and the Kansas City Prophets as a whole on

I wouldn't be surprised if Brown's excuse is "Well we are seeing authentic repentance revivals spreading like fire across the country". I am all for repentance and revival, but not by teaming up with Kansas City "Prophets" or Word Faith Heretics. As I have said before:

"Having revivals like this doesn't prove anything, ANYONE can claim a "descision" to follow Christ yet that is not a sign of their regeneration, their FRUITS are a demonstration of this. I have watched a Benny Hinn crusade in London where he didn't call people to repentance, he called them to "receive the anointing". No fruits of repentance what so ever."

Tell me one good reason why you think teaming up with ilk like this will have a positive effect on the world.
Moving on.

"Thanks, friends, for sharing your thoughts and concerns re: my appearing on the Benny Hinn show. While I'm quite aware that some of you feel he is the ultimate false teacher and charlatan while others believe him to be a wonderful man of God, I have actually not monitored his ministry over the years. When I received the invitation to appear on the show, I felt I was to take it and exalt Jesus the Messiah and expose hyper-grace (and exalt true grace) to millions of viewers. And since Pastor Hinn seems very desirous of further interaction with me, I would encourage those of you who have grave concerns about his ministry to pray that God would use me to be a blessing in his life."

Brown should of done a background check into who Hinn is, it is widely known how much of a nefarious individual he really is. If you want to expose hyper-grace Dr Brown, do a talk on exposing it, don't team up Hinn on it, because you are not exalting Jesus by doing so. One can pray for Hinn's repentance and others tried confronting Hinn but the confrontation has not worked, all we can do now is expose him.

Now while I may continue responding to Yisroel Blumenthal's "Supplement to Contra Brown" if the Lord Wills, I will not be giving support to Michael Brown's ministry. His actions repels me from promoting him as someone to look to. If Michael Brown continues down this road, he is going to tie a spiritual noose around his neck.

Answering Judaism.

Addendum, Here is the video about this subject and Rabbi Shapira:

Sorry, at 7:21-28, I meant to say repentance is not the ONLY CRITERIA OF TRUTH.


  1. It's simply not enough to point out that people like Hinn are liars. Something must be done about the entire business of televangelism.

    1. Well one thing I say is clear the dead wood out of it and keep the good ministers on the air. That's a start.