Wednesday 8 January 2014

Clarification and a personal apology to Sam Shamoun

This article is not so much an article, but still I believe I need to write this. The first thing I want to do is apologise to Sam Shamoun for not letting him know that bobo577 (which is me on Paltalk and YouTube), is also Answering Judaism. My personal apologies to him for not telling him that when the blog was posted on Facebook on the Sam Shamoun page and Answering-Islam page. I have no excuse. That's the first issue to get out the way.

The second issue is clarification for what happened a few days before this article was typed.

I was in fitzy's room on Paltalk which deals with the subject of Roman Catholicism when Sam Shamoun came in and pointed out to the Roman Catholics that miracles do not prove someone to be of God necessarily. After fitzy himself commented, I came up to the mic and asked the room about stigmata, to which another person and I think their name was onemindonebody, I need to recheck. That person and another user confronted me and accused me of harassing Shamoun by saying his daughter had been spoken to by me on the subject of converting to Islam.

They didn't say this at first but I asked one of the individuals and they said that a nic came into a room similar to mine and Shamoun thought it was me. I was told the nic was bobo557 and they even typed it in the room. bobo557 is certainly not me as I have made clear in this article ( and of course as a result of this fake nic, I have been framed for harassing Shamoun about his daughter. I have been blamed for something I have never done to Shamoun and top it all off I DON'T HAVE THE EMAIL TO SHAMOUN'S DAUGHTER AT ALL.

I did clarify things to the room and it's not the first time I have heard this nic bobo557 running around on Paltalk. Millie Fiori, another paltalk user, informed me of the existence of this nic, so it is not the first time I have heard of this nic.

One of my Paltalk nics is bobo577, it is NOT bobo557 or bobo 577 at all. I know I am repeating myself here but I want to drive this point home.

I have 4 nics, one I don't use anymore. Here is the list:
bobo577 (not 557 or bobo 577)
Sephiroth 1st Class (obselete, I ceased the use of this nic)
UKMan577 (This I seldom use)
Answering Judaism

These are the nics I use, minus the Sephiroth nic which I have ceased using. If you see ANY of the 4 nics listed, you'll know they are me.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Answering Judaism.

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