Friday 10 January 2014

Warning: Concerns about Sid Roth

This article is not an attack on Sid Roth personally, this is more of a critique expressing concerns about him. But nevertheless I am to warn the brethren about the dangers and the falsehoods that this man is promoting.

I have watch some broadcasts of It's Supernatural mostly with Michael Brown and Shmuley Boteach. But that's not the subject of this article. Its one thing interview a person on their show but judging my scouring the net, there so called prophets which Roth appears to endorse, including those of the Kansas City Prophets. It appears to me that Roth is rather careless and is not guarding himself against men like this when he invites them onto his show. Its very dangerous to assume every Tom, Dick and Harry is a prophet who believes he is leading a great revival is from God. We need to be careful considering false prophets are in the world today.

This is not meant to attack Roth personally, he may be a nice and sincere man, but I fear the mess he is getting himself into by giving these 'prophets' a platform. Its bad enough that word faith heretics Osteen and Earl Paulk suggest that Mormons are brothers in the Lord, but Roth should know better.

I am astonished that he, Like Michael Brown, get a bit chummy with these individuals rather than show that those prophets are dangerous frauds. The subject of Brown I have written on in other articles here:

I am not saying there are not prophets out there that are genuine, but there are so many false prophets out there that make me question prophetic credentials. I am inclined to think the overwhelming majority are fakes and liars listening to the vain imaginations of their heart. One cannot make the assumption that one is immediately God's anointed one, their background must be checked.

It is my fond hope that Roth rethinks what he is doing before its too late, considering that he is in a position where he is held to greater accountability than the layman. If he doesn't repent of his falsehoods, then I have no choice but to reject him as a false brother and warn people about him.

This matter shall be in my prayers.*

Answering Judaism.

*17th of September 2017. I confess this issue has not been in my prayers and it should have been and I shouldn't have neglected that. I apologize for this and I should have prayed more often about this.

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