Friday 12 June 2015

3 points of interest, Quick response to cbd94

This is only going to be a quick response to cbd94 to three points raised in an article.
Point #1: This individual is not a Catholic, however he has come to accept certain Catholic beliefs after his own studying of the evidence. I pray he will convert to the Catholic faith as God has decreed that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. There will not be exception this individual or any other individuals. God does not compromise on this issue.
God didn't decree anything about the Roman Catholic Church being the instrument of salvation. Quite to the contrary, If anything, the Roman Catholic Church is a puppet used to decieve people and keep many away from salvation. I'll at least commend cbd94 for not saying "Oh you guys are just separated brethren" and recognize these are salvation issues.

Point #2: Bobo577 is not a spokesperson for Christianity nor is he even a Christian. He has told me that he belongs to the Anglican "Church", which is a false institution that was solely created to allow a 16th century mass-murdering king to engage in adultery. Anglicans, along with all other Protestants, are members of a false religion and are not Christians in any sense.
I plan to leave the Anglican Church soon, not sure when, but soon. Having said that, there are Anglicans who are saved and ones who are not. Plus what about all the evil popes in history?

As for the subject of the Anglican history. I would need to look into it.

The subject of the origins of Anglicanism need looking into.

Point #3: I advise all Jews and other people who are seeking information on the Christian religion to avoid the blog of "Answering Judaism" because it doesn't teach authentic Christianity and instead teaches the Anglican and Protestant version of Christianity. Do you want to learn about Christianity or about the Protestant version? I advise people of good will to read Catholic blogs only on this issue.
Yeah because going to Roman Catholicism will work SO well for the Jews and they will be guilty of the same things Catholics are guilty of, necromancy, idolatry, etc, things in the OT they were chastised for and were EXILED for. I won't talk about the issues here and now, I have other papers on this:

That's all I have to say. To all readers, just study, pray and look into these things.

Answering Judaism.

Addendum 13th of July 2015: Yesterday I came across this link and I am surprised I found it so quickly.

Go here regarding the history of Anglicanism:
One of the points in the article, is this:
"There is a public perception, especially in the United States, that Henry VIII created the Anglican church in anger over the Pope's refusal to grant his divorce, but the historical record indicates that Henry spent most of his reign challenging the authority of Rome, and that the divorce issue was just one of a series of acts that collectively split the English church from the Roman church in much the same way that the Orthodox church had split off five hundred years before."

This is isn't to defend Henry the VIII's issue on divorce, but hopefully it will bring to light certain issues regarding him. I would suggest cbd94 actually carefully looks into the issue before rashly making claims.