Wednesday 22 April 2015

Backfiring Shotgun: A silly case for homosexuality

There was a silly question that was raised on a mini comic I found on Facebook that I would like to address:

"If God hates Gays, why doesn't he condemn it in the 10 commandments?"

The subject of whether or not God hates unbelievers maybe addressed if the Lord Wills in another paper. But let's say he hates the sinner for arguments sake in this paper, due to the person identifying with sin and refusing to repent.

God didn't have to use the 10 commandments in order to condemn Homosexuality. Plus to suggest that somehow that homosexuality is permissible simply because it doesn't appear in the 10 commandments is absolutely a ridiculous argument.

To anyone who is reading, If that is your argument against Homosexuality being condemned in the Bible, then why are bestiality, paedophilia, fornication and incest not acceptable by that same token of logic? Why is it ok for one sexual preference but not the others? Surely they can make the same argument for their sexual preference as Homosexuals can?

If homosexuality itself is fully sanctioned and allowed, then what is to stop a paedophile from continuing to have their way with children. What a government may see as ethical may not reflect what God states as ethical. Paedophilia, be it from a celebrity, the Catholic Church's priests or Muhammad etc causes damage not only to the child physically, but would traumatize them. But if you want to say "If God hates homosexuality, why doesn't he condemn it in the 10 commandments?", well then, that must mean paedophiles can grind away all they want.

I am sure having sex with animals being wrong is obvious to anyone be they Christian or not but I have come across a video where some individuals have actually expressed this "love for their dogs", So what is to stop them, Again, "If God hates bestiality, why doesn't he condemn it in the 10 commandments?" Surely that argument must follow by that logic?

Maybe perhaps a brother and sister can get together or even two brothers and two sisters, "If God hates those who are incestuous, why doesn't he condemn incest in the 10 commandments?" Does this mean that incestuous relationships are allowed? Well I have come across a case where a father and his daughter are in that kind of relationship.

This is the slippery slope if we grant the argument for homosexuality being something noble. If it is noble, Why not the others?

No matter how you slice it, bestiality, homosexuality, adultery, fornication, incest and other sexual sins are condemned in scripture and DON'T give me this excuse that vibrators and sex toys are not mentioned in the Bible, Who cares? If you are defending sin, you are not believing in the Bible.

God doesn't have to give a cut and dry statement like "Thou shalt not" or "Thou shalt" in order for something to be good or bad. There are principles that are in the Bible that can cover things that are not specifically mentioned.

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