Saturday 25 April 2015

Apples and Oranges: Rabbi Akiva's martydom

Before I continue with this paper, This is by no means an attack on Akiva or anything intended to disparage individuals, But just simply this article is commenting on the subject of the death of Jesus when compared with the death of Rabbi Akiva.

Everyone knows of the crucifixion of Jesus, which need not be an introduction as most are familiar with the event, but not everyone is familiar with Rabbi Akiva.

Watch from 1:11:22-1:18:35 in Immanuel Schochet's lecture "Let the Christian be a Christian and Let the Jew be a Jew" on the subject of the lamb lead to slaughter:

The reason being is that the context, Dr Schochet mentions Rabbi Akiva and how he went to the grave smiling and proclaiming faith in God (viewer discretion is advised since mockery of Christ takes place)

Rabbi Eli Cohen also makes a similar point with respect to Rabbi Akiva which Nakdimon316 responds to here:

The objection on Jesus opening his mouth won't be addressed here.

Now, One must look at the context of both kinds of deaths, what was the context of their deaths. As in the videos above, the context for the people of Israel, the Jews and the suffering they underwent, has already been provided.

Jesus' death however was not just physical death, but possible spiritual death when he was on the cross. For a time, Christ bore the wrath of God on the cross when he took our sins. He was quoting from Psalm 22 when he said, "My God, My God why have you forsaken me?" Psalm 22 is addressed here:

This isn't to say that the Jews, Rabbi Akiva included, never went through a horrible experience, but physical death of ANYONE, pales in comparison to what Jesus had to suffer, namely the bearing of our sins on the cross and God the Father pouring out his wrath on him, The sinless Son of God dying in our place so we don't have to go to hell and pay for our sin there, Again, Jesus never went to hell just to make clear.

(The Word Faith preachers teach the evil heresy that Jesus went to hell, which didn't happen. Jesus went to Sheol, NOT to Hell.)

The Jews never went to their deaths for that reason and Akiva himself didn't have the mission of Jesus in mind when he went to his death. You cannot compare the death of Jesus for our sake to the deaths of many Jews who underwent persecution for their faith. These are two different contexts and two different kinds of suffering. These must be kept in mind when talking about deaths from both sides.

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