Sunday 14 September 2014

Comments on False Prophets

False prophets are no doubt a serious subject which sadly many individuals overlook.

When the discussion is brought to the table, more often than not some notable false prophets who have been publically exposed as such, some of their listeners flock to their defence, claiming that the person preaches the true gospel or we should not touch them for they are God's anointed.

Be that as it may, it's irrelevant that the false prophet may preach some semblance of biblical truth or are the closest to being the most biblical teachers around, those who claim to be prophets don't get a free pass, nor are they above examination simply that they  claim to be God's anointed.

Every prophet no matter who they are must be held to account if what they say doesn't come to pass.

Jesus' own reliability hinges on his resurrection, and if his resurrection happened, his claims about himself are automatically true and it is a sign of God's approval that had been sent by God.

I demonstrate in my articles on Deuteronomy 13 why the resurrection is not counted among the signs and wonders that a false prophet can do, see my articles on this topic for more information:

Prophets outside of the canon of scripture are indeed to be held to scrutiny and held accountable to the Bible itself.

False prophecy is NOT an issue to gloss over and it doesn't matter to me if they have an orthodox Christology or even biblical soteriology, if someone makes a false prophecy, they are to be avoided and if possible, be brought to repentance.

Even if a false prophet can expound a biblical gospel, what of the teachers they may endorse? Namely those who are notorious false prophets and have been exposed. Endorsement of a false prophet is just as bad as engaging in false prophecy.

Think carefully and discern who are the true prophets and who are not. Don't let yourself be led astray by anyone who comes along claiming divine revelation.

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