Monday 1 September 2014

Clearing the air: XM Flash's lies

More lies for me to dispel right here and now.
Glad the anti-semite bobo is too scared & cowardly to debate any Catholic. Which is why he just hides on his videos & blogs making anti-semitic & anti-catholic comments everywhere. But when will he do as the Bible say and "prove all things?" Glad I'm not an Anglican occultist like him. 

Firstly, I have not studied Roman Catholicism in immense depth, though KeithTruth's documentary has indeed been of great help and benefit.

Second, I seldom engage in oral debates and have really only had two or three debates namely with savedbybaptism (twice) and with Nitemaresden. I'd rather not engage in oral debates, I prefer written.

Third, I do not hate Jews nor have I made anti semitic comments to them or about them and I have seldom done videos on Roman Catholicism.

And fourth, I am not an occultist.

I am not a Jew nor have I ever claimed to be a Jew. So you are lying again. I guess you want everyone you hate to fit in the "Jewish" category which is typical of people like you. You call me spineless which is an ad-hominem, and untrue. I have never refused to debate you, whereas you run to anti-catholic rooms, spout your hateful nonsense, then refuse to tackle the issues head on. Which makes you a coward

This coming from one of the guys who has blatantly lied about me, claiming I was malicious to Sam Shamoun or in the very least trying to tarnish his reputation! Something I have never done.

Did you actually read what I said, I never said you were Jewish, I asked you if you were a Roman Catholic or a Rabbinic Jew? Why you ask? Because you used have Rabbinic Jewish and Roman Catholics arguments AT THE SAME TIME.

You distorted my words. Are you one or the other? Be honest, because you come across to me as a deceptive chameleon.

I don't call anyone Jewish because of a disagreement and FYI, I OPPOSE antisemitism. It doesn't surprise me you distort my words because you belong to your father the devil. Furthermore you are a gutless coward for not telling the room you were in that YOU ATTACKED ME FIRST when you complained about what happened to you in fitzy's. You also do not oppose savedbybaptism's lies about me either and I have to see you actually repudiate him.

You have never refused me a debate because I never asked you for a debate in the first place.

I don't spout hate, I hate Roman Catholicism but not the Catholics and I SELDOM GO in anti-roman Catholic rooms these days, why? BECAUSE I AM NOT ON PALTALK ALL THE TIME AND FITZY DOESN'T ALWAYS HAVE HIS ROOM OPEN!!

Repent before hell claims you as its own.

Answering Judaism.


  1. Well, I just wrote an extremely long message and it was deleted or not posted. In summary, I have never defamed you to Sam Shamoun. I have literally no idea where you got that from. Perhaps you are thinking of Dk-Man. As I wasn't involved in that incident. I don't communicate with Shamoun.

    Secondly, you have went into fitzy's room is the point. You adminned in his room, you were there when he insulted, dotted, bounced Catholics for no valid reason. And when he cloned Catholic room names (Didn't you whine about cloning for months?) to try to get attention for himself. These are things you'll have to answer to God to on judgement day. Sorry pal, I'm glad I don't have the things you've done on my conscience.

    Furthermore, my arguments concerning the Oral Torah (as I assume you are getting at that, but your posts are extremely unclear and vague) are related back to Catholicism. So I'm not sure why you find the arguments so perplexing. Anyways, I'm planning on making my own blog soon and I'll be able to publish a proper response to some of the things you have been saying. My honest hope is to establish some sort of proper dialogue and have these things sorted out.

    1. 1. Glad to know you are not lying about me to Shamoun, Thanks for the clarification.

      But if I recall, you threatened to tell Sam Shamoun that I was accusing him of cloning me (who said that i cant remember) but when I made it clear i never accused Shamoun and what I actually said in the room was "the Sam I knew wouldn't do that." You threatened to dob me and jonnykzj in for something he and I never said.

      2. While fitzy allows me in his room, he doesn't make me the admin. I remember admining last year in his room before but A. That was long before I began my apologetic videos on YouTube.
      And B. I do not admin in other rooms or his anymore except mine. Know what that means, I haven't admined in his room for MANY MONTHS.

      Furthermore, you can enlighten me on the rooms he may of cloned and the reason I whined about cloning regarding my name is because I have someone claiming I am anti Semitic which is a lie and this nic had caused A wedge between Shamoun and I to be forged, which Thank God has been repaired since he knows about the clones.

      Even Rabbi Eli Cohen himself is aware that there was a clone of me slandering Yisroel Blumenthal.

      3. You cannot use the Oral Torah to establish Roman Catholicism itself. If the Oral Torah was divinely revealed on Mt Sinai, All forms of Christianity be they true or not are rendered as false.