Thursday 19 December 2013

Challenge to Itzhak Shapira

I had recently sent an email to Rabbi Itzhak Shapira with respect to the concerns I had, I sent him the following message to his website:
"Hello Mr Shapira

I am the writer and of Answering Judaism, a blog that seeks to respond to Rabbinic objections.

I have recently stumbled upon a video that you have done in response to Contra Brown author Yisroel Blumenthal on the subject of compound unity. The following statement made by you is of grave concern:

""The Zohar explains that God is truly a compound unity, ok, and to argue that this is not is arguing against Judaism. That is why when a man approached Yeshua and asked him what is the greatest commandment, Yeshua replied in Mark 12:29 Shema Yisrael Adonai Eleheinu Adonai Echad. Christianity on the other hand misunderstood it's compound unity and understood that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are all three different personas, well that is not true either. That is not the point in my book and that's not what I believe. I believe that God is a compound God, he is ONE and he is absolute, without beginning and end, but at the same time he can manifest himself in anyway he chooses for"."

Judging by your statement, it appears you seem to be advocating the Oneness perspective or Modalist perspective, both of which are dangerous and quite frankly contrary to scriptures.

I myself hold to the doctrine of the Trinity, that there is one God in Three Persons, however, you flatly deny this on the program which I have provided the quote from.

My grave concern and I don't say this to be hateful or disrespectful but I am convinced you are teaching a very damnable error.

However, despite your quotation of numerous Trinitarian sources, including Michael L Brown of AskDrBrown, as I said before you flatly denied this teaching and said that it wasn't the point of your book and asked if God can manifest itself in different ways. Even Yisroel Blumenthal himself took note that you were not a Trinitarian after watching the program itself.

I exhort you to renounce this dangerous teaching that you are propagating and seriously reconsider your position.

Answering Judaism."

I have not received a response back from Shapira regarding this issue and so far he has not responded to what I have said. I ask Rabbi Shapira and tell me honestly, do you hold to the Doctrine of the Trinity? Yes or No? I want a simple yes or no.

I await your reply.

Answering Judaism.


  1. I had hoped you would approach RABBI Shapira respectfully, as a brother in Yeshua. I am saddened you haven't done this. And again I reiterate, your understanding of Modalism is not correct. Where do you see it in Scripture to accuse someone of errant teaching when you have no proof? And why do you continue to show him disrespect by calling him "Mr." or merely "Shapira"? He is a highly trained Rabbi, a leader, lecturer, author and scholar. Please be mindful of this.

    It is my understanding that Rav Shapira is travelling. He is busy with the work of the Kingdom, so please be patient. Please also pray for G-d's grace, as you are sinning against an innocent brother.

    1. I sent him an email expressing my concerns. Appearantly he has started warning people to avoid this blog.

      My addressing him as Mr is not intended to be disrespectful at all.

      I do have a better understanding of Modalism now, but, I have what the Rabbi said written down. It is strikingly similar to it, and somewhat worrying.

    2. On Facebook, he refused to Answer Sam Shamoun's question. People want clarification of what his position is.

      Recently I learnt Rabbi Shapira and Dr Brown may talk about this in future but I need to recheck.

  2. The problem is that what you have written down is a few sentences, AND the sentences came from a video Rabbi Shapira made that is focused on an entirely different subject. The subject was NOT to discuss the Trinity, but to prove that G-d is indeed a pleurality. This is what he explicitly stated throughout the video, and on the pages of his book he mentions during the video. But you haven't read his bok, have you? So you wouldn't know these things. All you are doing is taking what he said out of context, and falsely accusing him of heresy. That is not how we, as believers, should be relating to each other.

    I believe I have cautioned you enough that you are going about this the wrong way. You don't seem to be taking this to heart, so I will leave you to Yeshua.

  3. Suzanne Baruch-- Perhaps you should look into Shapira a bit more. He is not a Rabbi but a Pastor with an ordination---not a Smicha.

    Have you seen the video of him claiming that "we are all mini-gods, with unlimited potential"? Yep...who does that sound like? Copeland, Meyers, Hinn.....

    Have you seen the video of him stating that the brass serpent Moses lifted up is Hashem? Yep...

    And now this where he states the church has it wrong on the Trinity....

    You had better put down the Kool-aid and think for yourself..