Tuesday 19 January 2016

Paltalk: Apologies to Muslims

While nowadays I try to treat Muslims with respect when I talk to them but on a number of occasions, I have been very harsh and wrongly so on Paltalk.

It is one thing to call them out on anything about the Bible, but it's another thing to disparage them, hurt them etc.

I once sneezed on a Quran and didn't care while on the mic and while I believe that the Quran is not the word of God, It is not helpful to do this during the dialogue with them and there has to be decorum in speaking to them.

I had also mocked Waduha's voice behind her back in 2012, to which I repudiate and repent of doing. Waduha is kind and very graceful and I am disgusted with my past behavior. Such behavior I now repudiate. (The context was she mentioned to me there is a science of hadith but regardless).

I have also been too harsh with Shadid Lewis and other muslims and while I have sent a private message to Shadid from muslim4life, It is a lot better if the apology is out in the open and I apologies for the insults I have made to him and that includes insults behind your back Shadid, which the Answering Christianity room were not impressed with.

While there are also Muslims I have spoken to and apologized for my bad decorum, there are others who I haven't seen for a while and if they are reading this, I apologize for my bad behavior and I hope that a fruitful dialogue will take place in the future.

I may disagree with your religion, I disagree with Muhammad and believe him to be a false prophet and I don't believe Islam is the truth, but there is a difference between offending someone with what is the truth and offending someone by being rather nasty and ungracious.

This is something that should of been done ages ago and I thank YHWH for the convicting power of the Holy Spirit for giving me the courage to write this.

Answering Judaism.

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