Tuesday 19 January 2016

Arrogant dismissal of unbelieving testimony, is it right? 2: Christopher Hitchens

I had written an article previously on this issue so I recommend reading this before writing this one: http://answering-judaism.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/arrogant-dismissal-of-unbelieving.html

You may remember if you have been looking at the Answering Judaism Facebook page I had linked to a video by the late Christopher Hitchens on Mother Teresa and needless to say, his assessment of Mother Teresa was not a positive one.

After a serious think and the thought of the previous article I have linked to above being brought to my mind, I think I am justified in sharing the video, and here is why.

To restate a a few previous points, while the motivation behind HBO is to disprove Christianity with their expose on Benny Hinn and Reinhardt Bonnke is a malicious one, that doesn't change the fact that what they said about Hinn and Bonnke's claims is true, that their claims of healing are not true.

HBO needs repentance for their attack on Jesus, but their assessment of Hinn and Bonnke are correct. To clarify something I should have done in the original article, I only know of HBO's claims because of second hand hearsay and in the future I have to look into what the expose says.

Also, Should we dismiss counter missionaries points that someone is misrepresenting a source because of the fact that they are not Christians? No.

Likewise, Christopher Hitchens may of had some malicious intention in going after Mother Teresa considering the fact in one video I have seen, his hatred of God is definitely found in what he says, but does that discredit what he said about Mother Teresa, which was a SPECIFIC subject of his video? Of course not.

I am not saying Hitchens was correct about the Bible, but why should his testimony about Mother Teresa be dismissed? Simply because he hated God?

Unbelievers can have some truth, they are not automatically liars just because they are not Christians.

Answering Judaism.

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