Wednesday 16 July 2014

Who is fully divine in the Trinity?

I have stumbled across an argument that has been raised by a Unitarian and I intend to answer this question. The quotation I found on, a website that deals with Islamic objections and the objections of Jehovah's Witnesses and other Unitarians, with one of the main writers who responds to these groups being the Assyrian Encyclopedia, also know as Sam Shamoun or Answering Islam as he is known on Paltalk.

"For instance who is fully divine in your view, Jesus, the Father, the Spirit and also the whole Trinity? Or is just the Trinity?"

This question completely shows an abysmal understanding of what the Trinity actually teaches. There is ONE God, YHWH, who exists as three eternal distinct persons. Each of the three persons are truly deity, fully divine.

The question is nothing more than smokescreen and a distraction. It comes across to me as merely a language game that is being played.

Answering Judaism.

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