Sunday 8 July 2018

Brainwashed Children 2: Drag Queens Kids?

I have commented on how vile brainwashing children into normalising sexual deviancy is so firstly read the comments I have made on the picture itself (Which no longer exists):

James Allsup, a YouTube commentator watched a video the SJW YouTube channel known as Mic and commented on how vile the video itself was, namely a young boy being allowed to dress as a drag queen and was in a video in 2015 dancing in the street.... Yes that happened. What Allsup had to say about the morally repugnant degenracy the child was allowed to engage in was very important and highlights why parents should not pander to their children to do what ever they want. Check his response here:

It's actually cruel and manipulative that Mic would consider interviewing the child and using him as a liscence to say what he is doing is ok. It's a common tactic by the left to use children as a means of immunising themselves from criticism. Remember David Hogg, I remember Ben Shapiro pointing the survivors of the shooting, David Hogg included for the following:

"The MSNBC panel says that Laura Ingram is losing advertisers over her casual cruelty, right? MSNBC is jumping on this because MSNBC is a Fox News competitor. This is all political, to pretend this is not political is to ignore reality obviously. What the media have done and they have been doing this since the shooting and I object to it, what they've done is taken these kids who really don't know necessarily anything about gun control, they haven't evidenced tremendous knowledge about the issue and they are using them as stand ins for for their opinion and then if those kids opinions are attacked the media jumps out in front and says Hey, how dare you attack these kids." The video can be found here:

Not only this but Gavin Mcinnes commented on a video where a group of young Native Americans being interviewed. One of the things that they were commenting on was whether or not the term redskin was racist or not as one example (Mcinnes gives evidence that redskin is not racist). He even tells the liberals "Stop poisoning these children and trying to make them into your liberal pets." The video you can find here:

To use a child as a means of forwarding a political or ideological agenda in order to immunise yourself against criticism is flat out disingeniuous and despicable.

This is what you have with the child in the video Allsup responded to, a child who has clearly been manipulated by his mother into thinking that somehow being a drag queen is the right and good thing to do. It should upset you when a child is treated this way and it's better for the parents of the kid to have a milestone tied around their neck rather than go to hell for what they have done. Imprisonment is definitely an option for the parents who do something so vile like this, we should not be normalising sin for a child and parents must ensure that children to not behave this way.

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