Friday 8 July 2016

Ghostbusters 2016: A familiar mindset

A week ago, I released a video commenting on why I will not see the Ghostbusters reboot and it surprised me how many people seemed to agree with me.

You can see the original video "Perspective 577: Why I won't see Ghostbusters 2016" for the context:

I'd also recommend taking a look at the video which compelled me to make it, namely a video done by a YouTube movie coverage group named Midnight's Edge. The video is called "Ghostbusters Reboot: Sony Hits Back at Fan Backlash":

I will not say too much here but, there is one consistent comment that is repeated by the cast, director and Sony as well as others who seek to defend the Ghostbusters 2016 movie, that you must ALL see the movie and if you don't, you are misogynists.

Attacks have been leveled against the Cinemassacre YouTube reviewer James Rolfe, who gave his reasons for not seeing the movie (which were not sexist at all) but was still attacked by the media and accused of misogyny and Sony are guilty of comment censoring.

I could go on but the videos speak for themselves. I would also recommend one particular comment by fifthrider on my video and see what he said about political correctness, it's very enlightening.

I have realized recently that the backlash against those who refused to see the movie is very similar to the gay activists mantra of "You accept our lifestyle or you are a bigot who deserves to rot in prison". It is the same rhetoric that is being espoused, Either accept this or be ostracized, your choice.

I am not saying that everyone who wants to see the Ghostbusters reboot is like this, but it is very telling of how similiar the two groups are.

I have seen James White in videos he did last year examine the Dr Drew Show, including the after comments, where they lied about the interaction with White and White appropriately exposing them. It is amazing how emotional people can get when they are challenged or charged up about a certain issue.

Both in the case of the Ghostbusters reboot and gay activism, we see political correctness, irrationality, accusations of bigotry, accusations of anti-progression and accusations of hate speech.

The mindset has a fascinating pattern here.

I will not deny that there are hateful bigots who hate gay people or who are misogynistic, but those are the exception, not the rule.

No one with sound calm logic hated the Ghostbusters reboot because of women, but because it contain what most people deem to be lackluster comedy, likewise, No true Christian is to be bigoted towards homosexuals, but as followers of Jesus, we must do what he says and if Jesus condemned something as evil, we ought not to do it.

The Bible is against sin and we would be wise to heed it's warnings. That's why biblically homosexuality cannot be accepted as a viable alternative marriage template, because it violates what God had established from the beginning.

Observe the videos I posted above and come to your own conclusions and see if what I have said makes sense.

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