Friday 10 June 2016

Sola Scriptura: Excerpt from James White and Steven Anderson talk

It is a late posting this but I typed out and quoted from James White and Steven Anderson, specifically on what Sola Scriptura is and interpretation. This can be found in their discussion on YouTube but here is part of it typed out for your reading.

White: Here's my question, If the Masoretic and Septuagintal texts have an issue here, upon what basis do you just simply say Well I go with what with the KJV said, because of your feeling?

Anderson: No but see, It's not like it's just a feeling. What is it is that when I read the King James Bible, the passage actually makes sense, and it's actually consistent with the rest of scripture. When I read 1 Samuel 13:1 in the NIV, it contradicts scripture because it says for example that he reigned for 42 years.

White: It makes sense? To you?

Anderson: Well, who else...

(talking over one another briefly)

Anderson: Here's the thing, there's me and the Holy Spirit right? So who else am I supposed to be going to, I thought it was just me and the Holy Spirit and we figure out what the truth is because he's gonna guide me into all truth, he's gonna teach me of all things I don't need that any man teach me I mean..

White: Is that really?

Anderson: You keep telling me that I'm my own final authority but the Holy Spirit and I are making decisions, I don't know how else to make decisions.

White: Aren't you standing in front of people on the Lord's Day morning explaining the Bible to them?

Anderson: Right I preach the Bible.

White: So it's not just them and the Holy Spirit is it?

Anderson: I don't understand what you mean because when they hear my preaching they are supposed to judge. The Bible commands them to judge my preaching and the Holy Spirit's gonna allow them to judge my preaching.

White: The point is that level of subjectivity is an imbalanced view, God has given us the church, he has given us elders, he's given us the proclamation, the very central act of worship of God's people when they gather together it's a proclamation of his truth and his word.

Anderson: But at the end of the day, If you're looking at the Bible and you've got the Holy Spirit and you're looking at the Bible and it's contradicting what all the elders in your church are saying, aren't you gonna go with the Bible Sola Scriptura?

White: That's not what Sola Scriptura means.

Anderson: Ok what does it mean?

White: Sola Scriptura means the scriptures are the sole infalliable rule of faith for the church. Sola Scriptura has NEVER meant you and me alone.

Anderson: So you are gonna let the church override your personal view?

White: No, But that has nothing to do with Sola Scriptura, Sola Scriptura is the sufficiency of the scriptures, it functions as the sole rule of faith.


So much for the claim that Sola Scriptura is "You and the Holy Spirit under a tree".

It is important to know what Sola Scriptura actually is lest you be lead astray.

Answering Judaism.

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