Wednesday 15 July 2015

Compendium of rumours refuted

In light of a recent text sent to me by xgamer (surprise surprise), I have decided to put the lies to rest and make the refutations easy to find, I'll simply place the following into one article for you to find. Check the following links:

Here is what xgamer sent to me:
"Xgamer_Julian: may be you should stop harrassing me and DK's rooms under ur bobo557 name 
Xgamer_Julian: Answering_judaism came n there last night cussing me, sam shamoun, and dk out

Seriously xgamer, you are not fooling anyone, you are not doing yourself a favour. Quit embarrassing yourself.

Answering Judaism.

FYI. I don't care what you think of my response to cbd94, I let the audience judge our words:
(The bobo557 was a typo on the part of cbd94 and he did correct the others, but we'll put that aside.)


  1. WE KNOW it was you in the room. The ID came on the mic and it was YOUR voice dude. I heard the accent and it sounded just like something you said on youtube once. You can say you're not Bobo557 but then why was CBD calling you that on HIS BLOG just now? And you were responding to it???

    1. It was a recording. I haven't even seen you today or Dk man in a room.

      Furthermore, as I said about what cbd's article and the nic (Which you ignored) I said:
      "(The bobo557 was a TYPO on the part of cbd94 and he did correct the others, but we'll put that aside.)".

      I told cbd94 to correct it and he did with one exception for I can only assume he forgot to correct it.

      Thank you for lying about me again.

      Furthermore, It stands to reason that it would be a RECORDING being used under the fake nic. Many candidates including BeoDolzer have recorded me and I was warned by a friend that YOU would also try to record me and use that to frame me. Plenty to suggest this, since you suggest I should come to the mic to show it is actually me.

      I am not saying you have done so, but it does cast suspicions.

    2. You suggested it once I believe.

      Also, didn't you and Dkman have a pm and ask me if I was the genuine article? Again, that casts suspicions.

  2. Once again tonight bobo557 came in the room and SPAMMED this website and cussed us all out. So let me get this straight: Bobo557 is you when you talk to CBD, Bobo557 is you when he plugs your website and whatnot, but now all of a sudden bobo557 ISN'T you? Make up your damn mind.

    Also, that day when bobo557 came to confront me and dk man he was on mic TALKING and saying the exact same thing I've heard in your youtube videos, seemingly word from word. How do you explain that? Obviously that was your real voice and real material I've heard you say before. Sorry but you have a LOT of explaing to do. Who is bobo557 and why do you identify as that nic when CBD calls you bobo577??? Explain that one first.

    1. I was in Thranduils room as my normal nic Answering Judaism. bobo557 as I explained last night is Not me, bobo577 is me.

      I have told you the 557 part was a TYPO and I CORRECTED cbd on the nic, which you conveniently ignore, thus bobo557 is NOT me in the first place.

      I had to put up with this scum by the name of ReformerTruth who every time I havd answered him on who a nic was, he twisted my words and kept confusing the nics deliberately. I kept asking the coward to come to the mic but he wouldn't and his mannerisms are eeringly similiar to yours and he had a similar manner of questioning me. Care to explain that?

      People do use recordings under different nics to try and make the nic something that it isn't. You ignore the fact that people record things on Paltalk and use them, BeoDolzer being one example .

      Learn to use discernment for once.

      Also, Dk man kept twisting what I said in the room and also said "Oh I know Bobo", mentioning parts of my personal life without adding a number at the end.

      Whoever the bobo557 nic is, it certainly isn't me as I was explaining yesterday to Thranduil and the others present in the room and surprise surprise some more fake nics came in.

      I am sick and tired of having to put these rumours down, I have better things to do with my time.

    2. To put it simply. bobo557 in ANY context, NEVER WAS and NEVER WILL be me.

  3. Hahaha! Now you're saying I'm ReformersTruth the calvinist who banned me from his room? You sir have truly gone off the deep end. Why don't you hear his voice on mic since he's always in his room. So I'm DK man now too? Geez, talk about paranoia. Nothing more I can say to you. Just that bobo577 IS YOU and you admit it when talking to CBD but not to me or DK Man.

    Anyways, I just talked to Tomed and she told me what you tried doing to her. I was disgusted after hearing that. You should not be allowed to call yourself a christian. Why would a christian even own a webcam?

    1. I have never met tomed, are you seriously buying into savedbybaptism's lie? Wow you are deluded.

      Also thanks for confirming that bobo577 is me and that bobo557 isn't. Glad you are finally getting it.

      I will be happy to go to ReformerTruth's room to confirm he is not you and I didn't say Dk man was you. You once asked.if I had severe reading comprehension issues, talk about not applying that statement to yourself.

      Also, do you have any idea what it's like having these clones running around? It's aggravating.

    2. I have told you the 557 part was a TYPO on cbds part and I CORRECTED cbd on the nic, which once again you conveniently ignore, thus bobo557 is NOT me in the first place.

    3. PS. The only reason I thought he ReformerTruth was you was because in the similiar manner of answering questions that YOU have asked me in the past.

    4. Because of the similiar not in the similiar.

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    6. Well I posted you the PM but Tomed was pming me saying you and DK were on cam with her or at least trying. Take it up with her, none of my business. But if it's true then that's bad behavior for a christian apologist.

    7. It isn't true and you should know better. I have never met tomed.

  4. Then you need to make a blog post addressing tomed's rumor cuz she was saying this in all the rooms last night. And yes tomed is a REAL person. she has a profile picture and she will confront you on mic. At the moment I don't know who to believe because it's a matter of he says-she says. So I'll keep out of this and stay quiet until further information comes out.