Sunday 26 October 2014

Seeing Demons around every corner?

There is a grave concern that has been in my mind, even if it was brief, but now I feel I should right this.

There is a paranoia among some individuals regarding the Muslim People, specifically, being suspcious of them to the point where you think that they could gut you at any time.

One individual said that if he was near a Nazi or a Muslim, he would rather choose to be near a Nazi rather than a Muslim.

This is not concern for the Muslims, this is just paranoia about the Muslims taken to the nth degree.

Now I am aware of the actions of ISIS and it can be demonstrated that Islam is not a religion of peace, HOWEVER.... That is no excuse or precedent to assume that every single Muslim is going to gut you at the first opportunity.

Yes, Nazism is a dangerous ideology, but I am not going to assume that a Nazi is going to kill me just because I don't have blond hair or if I wear glasses. I am not going to assume right away that a Muslim or Nazi is going to kill me. Call me naive or not I don't care, but it is foolish and dangerous to assume that a person is going to kill you, but on the otherhand I shouldn't be so naive that I am to take anything at face value.

Deporting the Muslim people as a whole is not going to get rid of Islam, it is naive, it is simplistic and of course it is an IMPOSSIBLE idea. Is Islam dangerous, Yes, but no Christian should automatically assume that every Muslim is some power hungry, violent nutcase that needs to be shut in a mental asylum.

David Pawson, a British evangelical, when speaking on Islam recognized it was a danger but exhorted those who attended his lecture to not regard Muslims as their enemy and told them have compassion on them. My thoughts exactly and a lesson I should of learnt years ago.

Muslims in and of themselves are not the enemy. They are however stooges used by the real enemy, Satan, and this is the same with any other false religion or heretical group, they themselves are not intrinsically the enemy, but are used by the enemy. They should be prayed for, witnessed to and must be given the Gospel. No fellowship with heretics is allowed of course as doing so is unequal yoking and of course ecumenism with them and other religions is definitely out of the question.

All I am saying is, there is no need to assume that every Muslim on this planet is a threat. There are individuals who ARE a threat, but for the most part, Muslims are peaceful. However they are just as doomed as many individuals are if Islam spread around the globe.

When you are speaking to a Muslim, try not to treat them as second class trash and instead reach out to them. Don't assume they are out to get you.

Answering Judaism.

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