Monday 3 March 2014

Multiple Topics: Why address them?

Although this blog deals with mostly Jewish objections, it deals with other groups as well.

Sometimes it is necessary to address certain points for multiple reasons.

1. The severity of that topic is something to consider, especially when it comes to salvation.

2. Although there are solid Messianic preachers out there, there are ones who are apostates that need to be critiqued. Namely those who deny Paul as a true apostle, those who put Gentiles under the food laws, deny the Trinity, or a combination of those things.

3. Sometimes an argument raised by Rabbinic Jews are also raised by other groups, namely Muslims, Eranoites, etc and need to be put down.

In light of those three points, though this blog specifically deals with Rabbinic Jewish objections, it addresses others as well. I was asked once what Sherry Shriner has to do with Answering Judaism and I am sure people wonder why I critique Erano, this article explains why.

Hope this helps.

Answering Judaism.

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