Friday 11 October 2013

1 Corinthians 7: Does it teach Polygamy?

I want to deal with a very strange and silly claim made by some Muslims regarding the subject of the New Testament and I want to address them here. There are three objections I want to quickly cover.

1. Paul said each is to have his own wife but it doesn't say you cannot have only one wife.
This is fallacious reasoning, the text makes it clear even if it doesn't say explicitly that you cannot have more than one wife, the text tells you that it is ONE spouse and only one, you don't need a rocket scientist to show that Paul is commanding monogamy here.

2. Hekaste means a woman is limited to one husband but Hekastos mean that men can have more than one wife.
The words in question do not imply such an idea. The words simply are a masculine word and a feminine word to denote the difference between male and female, The use of a word depends on context and this is the worst kind of exegesis.

3. Oh but God allowed it in the Old Testament
It was intended to be in the Old Testament ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN. I believe polygamy was only allowed as a concession for human stubborness. Even so, there was a command where a king was not allowed to multiply his wives, though David and Solomon certainly reaped the consequences didn't they? Solomon especially. Not mention the fighting that took place among Jacob's own wives. The fact of the matter is, Polygamy is not encouraged in the Old Testament, and when it happened, the results were usually not pleasant. Besides, the point made detracts from the New Testament.

I hope this answers the objections raised.

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