Wednesday 3 July 2024

A quick reply to MrTardis

It is this year I have become a fan of Doctor Who. I have liked Day of the Doctor in particular though it has been a while since I have watched it.

Despite mostly listening to the work done by Big Finish, an audio play organisation, most of what I have listened to has had compelling narratives and stories. Whether or not a Christian can watch Doctor Who or not is the same attitude I have with Star Trek. If you can’t watch it with a clear conscience, don’t. If you can, go ahead but be wary and exercise good judgment.

However there is an issue worth addressing here and I am not going to attack MrTardis on a personal level, I don’t know the man. I don’t see eye to eye on everything he says and have made some comments here and there on his videos but recently, the former actor for one of the incarnations of the villain called the Master, James Dreyfus has said the following:

"Anyway @TrilbeeReviews

You've got until midday to delete your defamatory tweet, which also encourages others to discriminate.

It's as simple as that.

Check your email, William.

I'm not mucking around about with you lot anymore.

Dreyfus (himself gay) was let go from playing the Master for this reason and I will quote him here.

The transcript I copied from which you can read here:

Well, I was working for an audio company playing rather a significant part in it and I signed a letter in support of JK Rowling and the horrendous abuse that she had been subjected to, and still is. 

And I also signed a letter asking Stonewall for a respectful debate on these matters.

And then I got a raft of abuse from the fans of this particular programme, I mean a really shocking amount. At some point, you know, I thought I’m going to respond in kind and I told several of them where to go. 

I then sent a tweet out to this company saying, ‘forgive my response to these people but I’m not going to sit here and be accused of something I’m not’.

“And then they put out a statement saying, ‘we do not support transphobia in any way shape or form’, thus sort of saying about me, ‘we think he’s transphobic’.

Based on the two letters I signed - and then I was erased from the artwork on the CDs and then my name kept disappearing and I called my agent and said, ‘can you just find out what’s going on? Why is my name being erased?’

“Three phone calls over a period of time, (with them saying), ‘Oh no, we’re just doing this, that and the other’. I finally caught up with them and said you’ve got to do something about this, something weird is going on.

And they released a CD of all the people who’d played the part I played and there were quite a lot of them [The Master], and I was left off it.

It didn’t really matter, I didn’t know anything about (Doctor Who) and it wasn’t a high-paced job but it was fun. 

“What astonished me was not one phone call, not one letter, not one email and I just thought the cowardice to do this.

I just felt stabbed in the back.

This was from an interview from 2021 and this year, MrTardis said the following on X:
I’m sorry, but whose idea was it to cast insane anti-trans actor James Dreyfus in ‘House of the Dragon’ when you have a non-binary actor?

That should be a basic duty-of-care thing. You don’t cast someone in a show who wishes harm on their other cast members.”

It was after this that Dreyfus said what he said in his tweet, the next day followed with this tweet:

"Anyhooo, it's now well past midday, @TrilbeeReviews & your defamatory lies about me still remain up."

"We'll meet again soon, I'm sure.

MrTardis, what did Mr Dreyfus say that was remotely harmful or disrespectful? Not only that, Dreyfus himself has tweeted to you a warning to take your tweet down.

While one could argue legal action is merely done as a threat to silence criticism, this isn’t one of those times.

Whatever your view of Dreyfus is, Calling him transphobic was unwarranted and the phrase itself is utterly meaningless courtesy of overuse.

Of his tweets I have seen, nothing he has said remotely comes across as hateful.

I would say to you to reconsider what you said.

Answering Judaism.

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