Friday 18 December 2015

Just a few comments

Here in this article are a number of lengthy comments.

Answering such a group
The reason I call myself Answering Judaism is because I answer Jewish Objections to Jesus, whereas Sam Shamoun calls his website Answering Islam because he answers Muslim objections to Jesus.
You also have a case of Calling Muslims and Calling Christians. Is one borrowing from the other or stealing from the other? Not really.

Calling yourself Answering x or Answering y or even calling yourself Calling x and Calling y, doesn't mean you are stealing from another individual. If someone calls themselves Answering Atheists, are they stealing? No.


I do NOT ask for donations. I do not earn money through this site, let alone my ministry: To put this in greater context, I don't make money through my website by "web trafficking" and I don't ask for donations, period. Answering Islam is much larger website, run by more individuals and is more well known. Little me isn't a threat to them or their audience.

If you want to give a donation to someone else's cause, that's fine, but I do not accept donations period.

You may remember a while back what Word Faith heretic Creflo Dollar attempted to do with his donations and you can find what he tried to do in the article above.

Considering the fact that false teachers abuse of donations from their followers, many Godly men have been falsely attacked and accused of the very things the word faith preachers do. Donations in this day and age tend to leave true men of God get attack thanks to the vile greed mongers who don't actually deserve the money.

I will happily accept prayers for safety, growing in holiness and asking the Lord to keep me pure and in check, those I'll happily take, but I will not accept donations and I don't ask you for such.

Answering Judaism never has, nor will ever request donations from anyone.

Mental Illness
This is indeed a subject that needs commenting on. Let's face it, It's not an easy thing to live with and it can be frustrating for the individual, be they sufferers of bipolar, austism, aspergers (minor autism) etc. I am not going to pretend that mental illness is something that can be lived with easily. Still, the love the Trinity displays to the person, can help them get through difficult times.

If we have any brothers and sisters in Christ, we need to be understanding of them, we need to have compassion on them and try to help them biblically anyway we can.

We cannot claim to know everything about an individual and claiming one knowingly abuses those who are mentally ill after only a few interactions is dishonest.You cannot assume someone knows everything about other people, be they on the internet or in public just because of one or two interactions. I know because I have been falsely accused of knowingly abusing mentally ill individuals in the past and I am certain that others have had the same done to them, Who knows?

There is also another factor to keep in mind, We CANNOT assume someone who suffers mental illness is demon possessed. While demon possession occurs today, That doesn't mean the person who suffers from mental illness is necessarily in that position. You could make the assertion that the person is demonically OPPRESSED by an external factor and that is plausible, but we need to be careful before we even bring such a charge, otherwise we are going to hurt people.

This is a serious problem that should not be left unchecked. I have written some papers responding to Uri Yosef on whether or not the New Testament teaches anti-semiticism, so I recommend checking those out.

Anti-Semiticism is to be very blunt, evil. It offends me when Jews are blamed for all the problems in the world or just attacked because they stick out like a sore thumb. And it's doubling disgusting when I see Christians engaging in such behavior. It is one thing to say to a Jew that they have rejected God and need to repent, Every one is in that position if they are not in Christ, but to call them anti-semitic words which I dare not post here, is beyond reprehensible and to also accuse me of such is also slanderous. I would also take issue with someone being labeled anti-semitic when they are not like that.

We don't need this poison to exist.

Answering Judaism

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