Wednesday 30 December 2015

Common lies about apologists

This is a general list commenting on many lies that are spread about certain well known and others not so well known apologists.

James White
The attitude towards James White from some individuals I have seen, there is almost a portrayal on their part that when James White is confronted with something he can't refute (according to them), he laughs it off in debate or out of debate, or there is even the claim that his arguments are not worth responding to.

I have already commented on the subject of his Dr title and some other false accusations so I'll just link to the paper:

From his debates, White has never demonstrated this attitude of laughing off someone's argument and does attempt to respond to what others are saying to him. I would challenge anyone to show me documentation where White does what is claimed about him.

Paul Washer and John MacArthur
Both these two are thoroughly misrepresented when it comes to Lordship Salvation and are accused of teaching works salvation. However, if you are to look at quotes in context or sermons, nothing could be further from the truth and they both actually preach against works salvation

Lordship Salvation is NOT saying you are saved by works. It recognizes that a Christian is under the Lordship of Christ once he or she has been taken under his wing. I would recommend reading this particular article on the subject:

Sam Shamoun
Many Muslims try to anger Sam Shamoun and record him and try to paint him as an ugly foul creature that shouldn't be followed.

HOWEVER, What most fail to tell you is this and this is what Shamoun himself has pointed out.
"I normally do not treat sincere Muslims, who ask sincere questions this way, In fact I DON'T treat sincere Muslims who ask sincere questions this way. Because when I see a sincere Muslim asking sincere questions, I want to answer his questions with the hopes that the Lord Jesus will touch his heart. However, when you deal with blasphemous internet trolls, blasphemous Muhammadans, who have no shame in blaspheming the Lord Jesus Christ and slandering the people of God, then I will not hesitate to give them a taste of their own medicine, treat them as they deserve."


"Muslims if you respect us and ask sincere questions, I'll respect you in turn, and I will answer all the questions by the grace of Jesus Christ, with the hopes that you'll see the truth and escape Islam. But Muslims, If you blaspheme the Lord Jesus and attack his people, then do not feel shocked when I give you a taste of your own medicine, treat you as you deserve, because there are passages in the Bible that say, sometimes if necessary to answer a fool according to his stupidity."

The comments can be found here in this video:

I have already commented on other lies in another paper so I'll just simply link to that:

One set of lies pertains to me and Shamoun collectively, namely the false accusations of contacting his wife, emailing and inviting his kids to Islam, helping Anjem Choudary in a debate, being malicious to Shamoun, trying to steal his money and viewers through web trafficking etc. All of which are simply untrue. It makes me wonder if the people who spend time making rumours about others, be they me or other apologists I have mentioned have anything better to do with their lives.

If there was one thing I would say regarding Shamoun's website, it would be this, go to his website with my blessing.

More may be mentioned in a later paper Lord Willing

Answering Judaism.

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