Tuesday 14 February 2017

Confession good for the soul, apologies to make

Remember the article I wrote with respect to Muslims and being ungracious. Well there are times I have been too ungracious to other people.

To Angel Lawin and Marihot Tobhing, I believe Maestro M Evangelista is not a true prophet and stands condemned by the Bible. But to slander you and offend you by referring to you as crazy and constantly engaging ad hominem attacks, using the snake insult and alike. Not saying I agree or want to compromise with your prophet but there is a way to discuss the issues with an insult.

To Dk man7 and xgamer, I have been fairly harsh with you in the past and while I believe you need to repent of your falsehoods, there again is a better way to address your objections and I repent of my insults toward you. Forgive me xgamer for not calling fitzy out for calling you gay.

The apology for being too harsh also extends to Richard Merrell, the writer of the article Trinity is not of the Truth and also to Tovia Singer in his article on the Trinity for having a lack of a gracious attitude: see original article here: http://answering-judaism.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/response-to-tovia-singer-on-did-authors.html

To Sam Shamoun, years ago when I didn't tell you I was Answering Judaism after the brief time we didn't speak with each other, forgive me for not telling you who I was and deceiving you.

I also apologise to those whom participated in watching the debate with savedbybaptism back in 2013 that I had studied the Trinity in depth on the Trinity whereas I mostly listened to Sam Shamoun (and James White and Anthony Rogers). (More will be added when I can find what I said in the recording).

Answering Judaism

Thursday 2nd March 2017. There was a time in 2012 I mocked homosexuals on Paltalk in the room and I was rebuked by bearbronxbud (I think that was his name) . For this I apologise for the mockery I engaged in. Although I believe homosexuality is wrong, mockery is not the right attitude and I repent and say sorry.

Tuesday 3rd of April 2017. Although angelsswingss and I have put this behind us, I still need to apologise publically for it. In 2012 I was part of her room as an admin. The issue of Mormonism came up in the room which I have offered to  talk about Mormonism in my room (You should never advertise your room in another room on Paltalk, it is bad etiquette) but while it was touch on briefly, I then used the my room to do impressions ( I also did impressions in angelsswingss room too.) which was the wrong thing to do and for that I apologise of that deception. There is an accusation of heresy but that will be penned another time.

Sunday 15th of October 2017. Sorry Guard of Gold for shouting at you in our first encounter on Paltalk when I was pointing out how bad the Roman Catholic church in depth.

Wednesday 6th of April 2020. There was one time in 2012 on Paltalk (via audio) I sneezed on the Quran and treated that as a trivial thing (laughing about it on mic) to insult the Muslims in the room on Paltalk. Although I believe it is a false book, it was inappropriate and I am sorry for doing so.

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