Sunday 31 May 2015

Clearing the air: Answering x and y

I have recently been accused by xgamer AKA. Mercury2014 AKA. Xgamer_Julian. He has accused me of stealing Sam Shamoun's ministry, which I have not done.

The reason I call myself Answering Judaism is because I answer Jewish Objections to Jesus, whereas Sam calls his website Answering Islam because he answers Muslim objections to Jesus.

Calling yourself Answering x or Answering y, doesn't mean you are stealing from another individual.

There is even an ANSWERING ABRAHAM for goodness sake. Does that mean he is stealing from Sam, NO!!! (Oh and I didn't steal from him either.)

Also, I have been accused of making money through my website by "web trafficking" Let me be VERY clear.

I do NOT ask for donations. I do not earn money through this site, let alone my ministry:

If anyone comes across xgamer, DO NOT believe his vicious lies and deception about me.

Answering Judaism

PS. The lie and false claim that I harrassed Sam Shamoun daughter I respond to here:

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