Tuesday 19 August 2014

Kansas City Pop Quiz: 7 questions

The Kansas City Prophets are well known for making false prophecies yet still carrying on their prophetic crusades. Here are few questions that I pose to those who defend these people or others similar to them.

1. What is it about these men that makes you believe they are the anointed of God automatically?

2. How do you know that what they are saying regarding what is taught in the Bible is actually contained in scripture?

3. What makes you think that their claims of being God's anointed makes them unassailable and beyond correction?

4. Despite false prophecies that have been uttered by them, what makes you think they can continue in their prophetic office?

5. Where is the concept of fallible prophecy found in scripture?

6. Where do you find the concept of holy laughter, being drunk in the spirit, fire tunnels, heavenly portals, gold dust, uncontrollable spasms and howling like wolves due to the Spirit in scripture.

7. Connected to number 2, Even if these prophets had a semblance of biblical theology, why is there the assumption that there is no need to check certain doctrines to see if they are biblically orthodox?

These are the seven questions that I pose.

Answering Judaism.

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